Let’s OJO with Switch & Play NYC this weekend

What is up Nintendo Switch gamers, it is your Beast Kuma here with some event news for this weekend. So, a few friends of mine have been conducting events for Switch players for some time now. This is a great way of bringing the gaming community together and as on the 16th of February, a nice collaboration is happening. 

YesOJO Promotes Switch & Play

First things first, what is YesOJO? They are a company promoting the first Nintendo Switch projector that the good people at Switch & Play will be using for this Saturday’s event. 

“We’ll be hosting this event at an event space in Long Island City, where we’ll be displaying a YesOJO Projector station, and a station with YesOJO speakers. Everyone will get together to play games on the Switch through the YesOJO Projector. We’ll be featuring games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Snacks and drinks will be available for everyone at the event! You could also chat with members of the YesOJO about their products!”

Have a great time with friends and fellow gamers. The event will also have some nice giveaways as well provided by YesOJO! The giveaways will be in the form of raffles so good luck to you. 

This is important intel so please read carefully. Due to the limited space the capacity is capped at 45 people so if you have not gotten your ticket I would say to do so by clicking here for the meetup

But Kuma How do we get there? 

I am going to tell you in a moment, so hold to your star power for a minute and I shall give you a map to the festivities. Remember best not to go alone. 


Take the N or W train to 39 Ave. station. Exit via 31st St. & 39 Ave. at the Northwest Corner. It will be a 3-minute walk to the building.

Leave your power swords at home, ocarina’s are well, but please learn how to use them properly. Do not need a flash flood this weekend. All right gamers that is the intel and I hope to see you all there. – Beast Out – 


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