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What is up Mutants, Aliens and Robots all it is I your neighborhood Beast Gamer named Kuma here with new Mutant Football League news. For those that do not know Mutant Football League has been out for quite some time on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and recently Nintendo Switch so you can have fun with this mutant carnage on the go. But there is some news, so take some time away from the pigskin and check what is in store for you that already own the game.

Mutant Football League Breakdown

All right huddle up for those of you that own the PS4, Xbox and PC versions will be upgraded to the Dynasty Edition for free. I know it is exciting and sorry Nintendo Fans you didn’t make the cut but do not fret I will try to grab the intel on that at a later time. So what does the Dynasty Edition come with?



  • Dynasty Pack Become the coach and GM of your favorite MFL team. Win multiple championships to become the league’s next Dynasty. Includes player XP, roster management, team salary caps, custom playbooks, player trades, free agent signings and multiple season gameplay!
  • New Players – I remember during the backer days on Kickstarter that they hinted about Demons and Werewolves entering the field and now here we are with just that and it is glorious.
  • Retail Exclusive Team Content – New contenders are stomping onto the field, with the addition of two new teams, the Purple Mutant Eaters and Hexxon Oilers, each with their own arena;
  • Hall of Fame Commentary – Original announcer of NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, Tim Kitzrow delivers unforgettable, adult-oriented play-by-play commentary for every game;

We did a review not too long ago on the Steam version, but I am glad I waited to hear about the Dynasty Upgrade because I originally wanted it on the PS4. All right Break because you have to plays to study and mutilation to get ready for when the Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition hits the field on October 30th, 2018 for $29.99. Do not fumble this opportunity and I shall see you under my cleats. – Beast Out

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