Ecchi at its Best in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ep.1 First Impression

Disclaimer: This review will get kind of scandalous so readers under 18 be aware of the content that you may not be old enough for.

I am all about diversity because love is universal, but there is a time when us geeks have that weird conversation about, “If you would if it was…” kind of conversation. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou brings all those questions to life even it is a bit one sided from what I see so far being only female monsters are involved and what was once a weird conversation now becomes an anime. You have to understand we as geek tend to jest a bit when it comes to, “Would you sleep with a Dog woman?” Meaning she has a full figure of a woman just has dog ears and fangs. Sigh…let’s just get into this review while stop my nose from bleeding thinking about it.


The Story:

It has been three years since the inter-species bill has been passed which grants these half-breeds to live among the humans. There are some political actions taken so they can live peacefully as long as their guardians keep to certain rules.

  1. Interspecies cannot harm another human
  2. Humans may not harm an interspecies person
  3. Guardians must keep watch of their interspecies guest at all times.
  4. No SEX of any kind with your interspecies guest or both parties will be punished by the full extent of the law…NO SEX EVER!!!


This is how you keep society is full harmony while these new citizens enjoy their stay. However that is quite difficult for Kurusu who was “accidentally” gifted with Miia a Lamia who is a half snake half female creature. It has only been a few days, but Kurusu had to make a lot of changes in his own lifestyle so she could feel at home here. Because of that Miia has grown quite fond of Kurusu to the point of extreme love smothering. Now mind you Kuma can’t stand snakes to the point of creepiness, but Miia puts a bit of confusion on this non-human. I mean she is cute, funny and very passionate to her “Darling” as she calls him, but Kurusu is a kind person that made her feel welcome so it was love at first squeeze?

It becomes an endurance trial to stay true to the law and not seem like some perv taking advantage of an exchange student. If things go that sexual route Miia will be deported and Kurusu will face some serious jail time, but not like the officer guarding both of them is really helping the situation much.



  1. Works described as ecchi do not show sexual intercourse or genitalia. Instead, sexual themes are hinted at, and much is left up to the imagination of the viewer. Ecchi themes are a type of fan service, and can be found in comedy shōnen and seinen manga and harem anime.

Wipe Your Nose!

I came into this anime with much ignorance not really thinking too much into the title and of course I am watching the anime on the train without need to know information. There is nothing more embarrassing than an old lady leaning over to see what you are watching and then seeing her face go, “oooooh” which made me shut down my phone so fast that I almost crushed it. This is an ecchi anime and the definition above says it all, but I know some of you will state that you hentai and this is nothing. I agree, but it is great because it gives you an imagination unlike hentai that just goes all out.

Honestly I Kurusu’s character who yes is quite cliché being the noble character that is borderline perverted, but will not cross that line out of respect. It gets the deal and it is more than just him being afraid of the punishment, more like he actually cares for Miia and maybe not sure her love is guided in the right direction. In that the struggle is real for this kid, especially with an inter-species that doesn’t know her own strength being that passionate. Check out this clip below.


The Downside:

The anime is quite predictable even from the introduction where Miia might have more rivals for Kurusu’s affections. Then there is the fact that something or someone might throw a bigger wrench in the whole society to make the monster women look evil. Why is it only Monster Women? I know a few people that might get a kick out of inter-species males that they would consider hot. We are definitely past this point of being one sided catered to us boys with anime erections here. I’ve had certain conversations with a friend of mine about her Dechu (anime male) obsessions in a big pervy way. This anime would need to be more diverse to cater to those fans.



As ecchi’s go, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is very fun to watch with some endearing scenarios and amazing appealing art. There is even a message which is not hidden about how people that are different should not be treated poorly. It is an age old message that needs a reminder all the time and Kurusu shows how passionate he is in making sure Miia feels safe. Being that it is only the first episode I will give it a 3.5 out of 5 and I can’t wait to see how the other Monster girls play out.



I hope you enjoyed this anime review and be sure to check back as we cover up those nose bleeds and see where we go with episode 2. Stay frosty!

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