New Switch Diablo III Eternal System Bundle

Just in time for the holiday season is the Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal System Bundle and it is looking demonically fierce. Is this the Switch that should be in your collection? Let’s see.

A Nintendo Switch Diablo III: Eternal Collection Bundle is coming exclusively to GameStop on 11/2 for $359.99 MSRP! Includes a Diablo III themed Nintendo Switch console and dock, carrying case, and a download code for the game.

Well, that will give GameStop some exclusive sales and that is a nice collectible for anyone that is into that sort of thing. If you have not obtained a Switch as of yet this would be a great opportunity to pick up this bundle.

You can also obtain this bundle at the Nintendo website by clicking here. This is another great game that is going to be fun on the go with the Switch’s mobility. Nintendo is doing right by this system, will you be picking up one for yourself? – Beast Out

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