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Good Morning gamers, so I am right now window shopping since my Level Up day is coming up soon. I do plan on getting myself a Switch this month Finally and I thought what accessories should I consider getting myself. I came with another idea of why not share it with folks? It is kind of a Buyer’s guide I guess…Shrugs. 

Funlab Premium Pokedex Cartridge Case

With the release of Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu that released last year, I guess Funlab wanted to produce a case that is fun as well as nostalgic. This Pokedex themed Nintendo Switch Game case will hold up to Six games. It is a replica in the art of the famous Pokedex reader from the Pokemon series.

I am surprised at how small it looks throughout the pictures, but again it is for the Nintendo switch game cards. Almost the size a pop-tart or maybe smaller. Not bad for $14.99 if you are just playing a particular set of titles, but for some of us we might need a bit more space for variety. 


  • Premium quality: Made of aluminum and high-density cutting foam, the image is exquisitely printed with high pixels.
  • Perfect Protection: The Form-fitting rubber slots protect Nintendo Switch game cards from any kind of damages or scratches. Metal snaps prevent game cards from falling out.
  • Practical and Convenient: This game card case can easily store 6 Nintendo Switch game cards. Game cards can be easily slipped in and out.
  • Compact and Portable: Space-saving size, Small enough to take it anywhere or easily fit in a Nintendo Switch case or slide in pocket.
  • Must-have equipment for Pokemon fans: this game card case is particularly designed from Pokedex. Funlab series product for Pokemon fans.

You can purchase the Funlab Pokedex Nintendo Switch game holder can be purchased here

Face-To-Face Arcade stand for Nintendo Switch

I particularly find this pretty cool especially that old arcade nostalgia of being face to face. I never liked the side by side combat it felt weird to me and distracted. When you have a face to face combat situation you are in your own zone with not many distractions. This is a bit smaller, but functional for a tall table and playing games like Dragon Ball FighterZ or Street Fighter would be appropriate. 

It is a cabinet type stand that can accommodate 2 Nintendo Switch Body and 4 Joy-Con by installing on each side of the arcade stand. Suitable for fighting games! It is fixed to an easy-to-see angle, so it can be used conveniently for watching video content, etc. Comes with a cable slot so that you can charge while gameplay. In addition, proper ventilation is considered for heat occurrence in long hours of gameplay. With this Face-to-face Arcade Stand, it is guaranteed that gameplay will be more fun!

The only downside I see is that playing something of the fighting game genre would not be ideal for the little analog sticks. Here are a few details on the features. 

Product Details:

  • Fun Arcade Style – Set your Nintendo Switch like an arcade cabinet!
  • Store 2 Nintendo Switch and 4 Joy-Con – Allows you to enjoy gameplay with a friend by placing your friend’s Nintendo Switch on the counterpart of the arcade stand
  • Charging Slot – Provided with a cable slot so that charging can be done while gameplay
  • Ventilation – Proper ventilation is considered so worry no more for long hours of gameplay!
  • Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons are not included

You can purchase the product over on

Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Figure

This is just a personal item for this list because this amiibo freaking awesome and I a huge Monster Hunter Fan. I have not collected any Amiibo’s but this one needs to be in my collection for reasons. 

I am getting a switch so this is what I will need to look into anyway. Yes, Monster Hunter Generations will be my first purchase as well. This Amiibo will go for $18.00 for Amazon Prime users which you can get here.

A little short guide I wanted to share on some cool items. Check them out and check back for more items. – Beast Out – 

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