One Finger Death Punch 2 Preview

I am not sure how to fully introduce this new title One Finger Death Punch 2. I never played part one, but I wish I had and going to look up it up later. This reminds me of the stick fighting short film back in the day which had awesome fight choreographs. This is some fast paced stick kicking action going on in a mix of simple and complex art happening. Check out the latest trailer! 

One Finger Death Punch 2 Wants You!

One Finger Death Punch 2 is looking for YouTube streamers who want all the action-packed kung-fu fury their fingers can handle! Think the cool previews only go to the big channels? NOT THIS TIME! Grab a free early access copy of One Finger Death Punch 2, the fastest brawler ever made (we’re not kidding).  No channel is too small and we’re looking for anyone interested before the game launches to everyone on April 15, 2019! Play it now before anyone else!

Well now, this is quite interesting for a developer to send out a massive gathering to play their game. As they said no channel is too small so get on this today!! 

It is an exciting looking game where you are against many adversaries as the center of attention. Not only will you be fighting regular foes, but there will be god level bosses to face! It is up to you to handle the situation with your kung fu skills! What you waiting for, you read the post go check it out. – Beast Out

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