Dragon Ball Game Project Z Reveal

New from CyberConnect 2 and Bandai Namco Entertainment on the new RPG Journey for Goku. More »

Born with a Controller Interviews Ai_Chanbot

Latest interview of Ai_ChanBot in our season 2 of Born with a Controller. More »

Beast Interviews MMGMike on Born With a Controller

Awesome interview with MMGMike talking about his love of Nintendo and gaming in general. More »

Farming Simulator eSports Event is a Thing?

Farming Simulator eSports League is not bad actually. More »

Beast Tackles Jump Force Open Beta

Check out our thoughts on the Jump Force Open Beta. More »


NYXL Overwatch Season 2 Watch Party

What is good gamers and welcome to this event update for you Overwatch players and fans of NYXL. As you know they had a pop-up store last year which was a great time and I hope they return. This is a special event for those looking for something to do on Valentine’s day with your player 2 or maybe just hang and geek out with fellow warriors of the digital world. Enter the Overwatch Season 2 Watch party at the 40/40 club.

Gaming News: Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC & Smash Ultimate DLC Rundown

Despite all the snow storms and weather advisories we’ve been experiencing here on the east coast, things have been heating up on the FGC. Just because tournaments across the coast have been canceled due to impending heaps of snow, doesn’t mean players haven’t been staying on their A game. Especially in the DBZ Fight Z and Smash Ultimate departments. We may be a ways away from EVO and temperatures in the hundreds, but alas all that isn’t stopping all the new DLC to these games from dropping!


Sekrio has Massive Replay Value

Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game coming from FROM SOFTWARE. It promises an action experience which you will have to learn from your struggles getting through heavy oppositions and of course utilizing the environment for your advantage. But what else is in store for this title? 


Shenmue 3 Update: English Voice Report

Happy Thursday Fellow Beast and Human gamers all, we are here with Shemue 3 updates. I am a backer of this Kickstarter since it was first announced which seems like a decade ago, but please devs take your time and make something good. Last night I was emailed an update on the English voice actors for the new game. 

PlayStation Plus: Cloud Storage Expanding to 100GB, Free Games for February

Time for the announcement of the Free PlayStation Plus titles for February with an added bonus. That is right it is the end of January so hopefully you picked up the free games for the first month of the year. It is time to move on and catch the new goodies for the chilliest month of the year. Let’s check it out! 

Dragon Ball Game: Project Z Reveal

You ever played the Legacy of Goku on the Gameboy Advance? Well thats where I am going with this post because it is a long time coming for an action RPG to come out of the Dragon Ball series. There is finally a reveal trailer of Dragon Ball Game: Project Z for us to check out and thankfully it is coming from CyberConnect 2 people. I love there development and way they make an anime series into games. Let’s check it out!

3rd Annual Bit Awards in NYC

Greetings gamers and welcome to this great news. I was recently invited as press to attend the 3rd Annual Bit Awards which celebrates video games on the rise and the people that develop them. This is quite exciting I wonder if I would need a suit of some sort and this is in partnership with The New School Parsons and Presented by Playcrafting. So let’s get into the details so you can join me at the event.


I am so glad this is on the internet because I feel like I would get trampled by all the people i know that collect Amiibo’s. This Beast is here to let you know about these things as a fellow collector and it helps me in the long run, so check it out! 

Born With a Controller Interviews Ai_Chan_Bot

What is up gamers and welcome back to Episode 2 of Born with a Controller. This time around we are sitting with the lovely Ai_Chan_Bot who is an amazing Yu-gi-oh Duel Links streamer and has risen in just one year after starting her twitch stream. Reached King of Games multiple times and always have a fun stream to enjoy. So right now we are going to hear her story on how she became a gamer. 

Farming Simulator eSports Event is a Thing?

So there was a surprise tweet today by a particular tweet that was shared by a colleague of mine. I will let you all check it out!