Fight List for Evo is Live but Some are not Happy

What is up gamers and check this news out as we finally have a list of the fighting games that will be showcased at this years Evo 2018.

A Case of Distrust Review

Sometimes it takes a lone wolf to get the job done in a harsh town full of corruption. There are those that are brave enough to go on their own to seek justice while others turn away or shrug off a case. Even if some cases are a bit fishy and here we are with PC Malone starting her story with a prowler, a knife and our interest step into learning how to be a detective.

Monster Hunter World Review

Greetings hunters all and welcome to our review of Monster Hunter World which we shall be playing on the PlayStation 4, but it is available on the Xbox One. PC folks will have to wait later this fall, but do not worry that’s why we are here to show you what you will be in for.

Bloodstained Build and Crafting Update

I have not done an update in a long time so I will take this time to catch everyone up that is not aware of this upcoming title from the creator of Castlevania.

Games, Delays and Battlefield 2018 News

What is up gamers it is I Beast Gamer Kuma here with your weekly update as we are starting off February with some interesting news for a few titles, a Delay and of course Battlefield 2018. Join me won’t you?

Samsung’s ArtPC Pulse at 837 NYC

Beast here and last night was a glorious adventure to the Samsung store 837 NYC. They wanted to give us an opportunity to check out their latest gaming tech that will give us that full experience with better picture quality, high-end processor and of course flawless game sessions.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

When the fate of Earth is on the line of any opposition it is up to the Z Fighters to handle said enemy. The Dragon Ball series has been well known for a few decades now having a long following and many debates/arguments on who is the better fighter. Now, there will be a new debate on who is better at controlling their favorite 3 fighter team-up in Dragon Ball FighterZ available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

A Case of Distrust Preview

2018 is a New year with new games and winter ain’t wasting no time folks. Well for those of you PC folks who love fulling your steam libraries, you can mark your calendars as well because we got the scoop on an upcoming mystery game that hit’s steam next month. For those of you looking for a little mystery to add to your steam library, “A Case of Distrust” is the game for you. Time to go back in time where Bootlegging is the business and Monsters running things in a world where a Private Detective is on her own.

Metal Gear Survive Beta First Impressions

On our last episode of what is going on with the Metal Gear series we last posted about MG Survive back in September 16th of 2016 during The Tokyo Game Show. We were treated with some gameplay of the new adaptation which takes place between the events of Ground Zero and Phantom Pain where a few soldiers are sucked into a wormhole. This turns into a nightmare scenario where you now are pitted against some crystal Zombie creatures that remind me of the Crimson Heads of Resident Evil. So, this weekend we got to take our own look into the game and I am teamed up with MTPAPA in a hilarious quickplay.

PG-2 PlayStation Colorway Coming Soon

Geek apparel is rising strongly lately and now we have these new kicks which is a nice collaboration with one of the biggest gamers in the NBA Paul George who might have woken up thinking. “Hey, PlayStation you all need a better sneaker out there!” I guess PlayStation was all like, “Hold my beer!”