Red Dead Redemption Giveaway

Its a Contest to win either a PS4 or Xbox One Copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. More »

The Surge 2 Reveal

Taking a Look at a new Sequel of The Surge 2. More »


Grip: Combat Racing Collectors Edition Details Available

What is up gamers, and beastly gamers like myself as I welcome you to this new look at Grip: Combat Racing coming out soon to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam Marketplace. Today I was gifted with a lovely email detailing new information that shifted me into turbo as we get a nice trailer of the drum and bass soundtrack in Grip. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

Project xCloud from Microsoft

The streaming service for video games is getting another contender but we kind of knew that back at E32018 during the Microsoft conference. Yesterday we were treated to a trailer to Project xCloud, let’s take a look!

Monster Hunter Movie in the Works

I am quite curious about the why more than the how and honestly I am quite excited since playing Monster Hunter World having such a strong storyline, but not much of an antagonist. We are hunters which one would assume is not P.C for most people that would see it as animal cruelty which it is not at all. I am more focused on the cinematic universe taking on the story and I hope they don’t make it a comedic joke like some recent adaptations. Let us check out the details of this movie.

MFL Dynasty Edition Details

What is up Mutants, Aliens and Robots all it is I your neighborhood Beast Gamer named Kuma here with new Mutant Football League news. For those that do not know Mutant Football League has been out for quite some time on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and recently Nintendo Switch so you can have fun with this mutant carnage on the go. But there is some news, so take some time away from the pigskin and check what is in store for you that already own the game.

PlayStation Plus November Games Leaked

Well, this is some hot news hitting the internet right now. So, we just found out about the October PlayStation Plus Free games, but now it seems that November has been released a bit early and so far I am pleased with the game selection even though it is only two titles, but they are good titles.

Xenon Racer full Throttle Preview

I bet you never guessed I am somewhat of a racing fan? I always have been into cars, but not as deep as my comrade Miakire_Hi who actually does racing at times. But I tell you there is nothing like going towards that red line at high speeds and hitting corners with a sweet drift overtaking an opponent. So, is Xenon Racer able to meet my expectations of an interesting and fun arcade racer?

Project Stream From Google

Google is venturing out into a new field with their new Project Stream streaming service that lets you play right from your dashboard. Now, this is not unheard of and I was expecting some cool indie developer love being showcased through this new feature. However I was wrong and thanks to Spawn Wave on youtube for sharing details on this new feature, you can sign up to beta test it out.

The Wild West Comes to The Surge

The Good, the bad and the Augmented new DLC available now for the Surge. Kind of funny seeing a western theme coming to the Surge play style, but keeping a game growing is nothing to look away from. Check out the latest trailer.

Gameplay Trailer 2 of RDR 2 is Live

So, we are finally in October with a lot of game releases this month, but right now my radar is focused on Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, I don’t like to encourage folks to look at all the new trailers out there, but I do have to say this one gives you a bigger picture of what you will be getting yourself into in the frontier. Let’s take a look for those that may have missed it.

Hellsign Preview

Finding a lucrative career is tough at best and sometimes you have to use the skills that you may have in other to help the living or exorcize the dead. I tell you this right now being a paranormal investigator is not really my first choice, but when it comes down to it and sadly I can’t get my hands on a proton pack, using your sixth sense can help out others…maybe if you survive.