Phantasy Star Online 2 E3 Reveal

This was a long awaited game that I first found about many years ago, but was told it will never come to the West. I had my doubts because of how popular this game is to begin with and now Phantasy Star Online 2 finally coming to the Xbox One! 

A new Adventure with Phantasy Star Online 2

The first burning question, What is PS02?

Players of PSO2 become a member of a research expedition called “Arks,” which belong to a fleet of interplanetary cruising ships, setting out to a research a variety of different planets. Visiting places for the mission (quest) always evolves into a fresh and surprising adventure, including auto-generated maps, sudden events, and a Multiplayer Party Area, where up to 12 players can play together simultaneously. 


Each planet and quest is an encounter with different characters and battles with enemies. Its easy control systems allow for intense exhilaration in battles as well as highly strategic and customizable actions.


Gigantic boss enemies are also waiting for their time to challenge you with their towering body that covers the whole screen. Team up with other players against epic bosses!
Of course, there is Character Creation!

In PSO2 you will have a full range of character creation to make it your own as in any MMO. This is one of my favorite features because PSO2 always did character customization right. You will not only customize costumes, hairstyles, accessories, but you can change the height, bulk of the character length of legs and arms. This morphing system will help gamers make their unique character to venture off in with no limitations.

The only other developers that gave you that much range is Saints Row team and I wish many others would do that as well, especially anime titles.

PSO2 will be Free to Play! 

Apparently, it will be available to all for free to download on Xbox One. However, in the document they did state something intriguing. 

“There will be no limitations on game experiences such as Class Level cap or direct purchase of high-tier weapons because we want to provide all players with a fair and exciting experience.”

That is quite interesting and I am curious on how will this work since it won’t be a pay to win service which is always good. Are they going to charge for particular vanities which I am okay with. It is stated that if players need assistance in their quest microtransactions will be available…in what way which I hope we will get a dev diary of some sort soon. 

All right gamers, Phantasy Star Online 2 will launch in the West in Spring of 2020. You can take advantage right now on E3 sale for Xbox to pick you up a system by clicking here. What say you about this reveal are you excited? If so leave a comment and if not still leave a comment and let’s discuss. – Beast Out

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