PlayStation Plus November Games Leaked

Well, this is some hot news hitting the internet right now. So, we just found out about the October PlayStation Plus Free games, but now it seems that November has been released a bit early and so far I am pleased with the game selection even though it is only two titles, but they are good titles.

So recently all over twitter, this Beast has been seeing all the word going out that seems like a mistake since normally the details of PS Plus comes out towards the end of each month. However, we are witnessed to the release of Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition and I know a certain someone who did a review for this game and was please Yakuza Kiwami. Both great games for the holiday season to giveaway, but sadly no further details on the extra games they usually put out for the PS3 and PS Vita.


Keep in mind that PlayStation Plus will be discontinued for both PS3 and PSvita in March of 2019 so take advantage of it while you can. In that be sure to get ready for November and I hope you enjoyed the news today. – Beast Out

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