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Hey guys! Last you heard from me, I was getting my groove on via the Persona Dancing Bundles. Although 2018 is coming to an end, there are still tons of games to add to your collection before New Year, New Games kicks off. Sure we are going into 2019 in a few weeks, but with 90s nostalgia not slowing down anytime soon, its only natural that it makes its way into the wonderful world of gaming! It appears Handy Games agrees with that sentiment since they will be bringing “Rad Rodger’s Radical Edition” to the Nintendo Switch; as well as it is a free update on all other platforms.

Rad Rogers Radical Trailer!

With a name like “Rad Rogers” I can smell the 90s. This title pays homage to 90s style platformers with is funky colors, cartoon-like graphics, guns blazing action-packed gameplay, and the cheesy catchphrases.  But this title truly pays homage with the edition of Duke Nukem being added to its Radical edition. And the Radical Edition just gets sicker with new heroes  Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, Cosmo from Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure, and Shelly Bombshell Harisson joining the action. And for those of you looking to put those Joycons to good use, you’re in luck! The Radical Edition keeps the awesomeness going with a 2 player co-op mode. And if you wanna square up instead of working together, there’s a 2 player battle mode being added to mix. With the addition of new characters & modes, the Rad just gets more tight with new Overworld, Levels, Abilities, Minigames, and a ton of unlockables. Now that’s what I call an update

Featured Details:
  • 2 Player Couch Co-op – Play together with a friend! Enemies can prepare themselves for tough battles.
  • Battle Mode – Tired of team play? Fight against your friends and show them who’s boss!
  • New Playable Characters – Take on the roles of Lo Wang (Shadow Warrior), Duke Nukem, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison and more!
  • New Abilities!
  • New Minigames!
  • New Overworld!
  • New Levels!
  • And tons of new secrets, collectibles and unlockables!

“Rad Rodgers Radical Edition will release on Nintendo Switch™ early 2019. Current owners of the game on PC, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and across the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, will receive all the new Radical Edition. “

Personally, I haven’t played this title. But it does look pretty Rad. So if you’re looking for some new 2 player action to add to your Xbox One, PC, and PSN library, and love all things the 90s, give Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition a go!


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