Son Goku of Dragon Ball GT joins Dragon Ball FighterZ

Even though it is not Canon some of the characters of Dragon Ball GT are likable. I do have mixed feelings about Child Goku of Dragon Ball GT who is a Grandfather at this time, but because of a botched wish made him a kid again. He enters the FighterZ roster making it the 4th installment of Goku added. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ Brings Back GT Goku

After an errant wish by Emperor Pilaf, Goku has been transformed into a child during the Dragon Ball GT series. This younger Goku packs a big punch with special attacks like the Super Kamehameha attack, transforming him into Super Saiyan 3. Goku is also able to use his Super Spirit Bomb, Power Pole, and Reverse Kamehameha to flatten the competition.

The designs of Son Goku in GT are not that bad and looks pretty funny. Going to bring a whole new style of flash. I would not mind seeing the return of Uub would be a nice touch, but maybe that will happen who knows. 

Goku GT will be a paid DLC character part of the Season 2 pass which will be $24.99. You can pick it up right now as well as the full game available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Now we just need to See Dragon Ball Super Broly and Gogeta make their appearance. – Beast Out  –


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