Soulcalibur 6 Ring Out Event After Thought

Hows it going fight fans all and welcome to this afterthought of last nights pre-release event for Soulcalibur VI called Ring Out. It was sponsored by Razer and live streamed over on Twitch. It was a pretty chilled scene and I have to admit I do have problems with crowds. That being said let’s get right into the event.

Welcome Champions All!

I took off Friday for two reasons, 1. to get this Doctor’s appointment and 2. to head out to Ring Out. I didn’t want to be run down with my mundane job and wanted a fresh day to just chill and enjoy the evening. So, I ran a little late showing up at around 7 pm and already entered a Lit scene it was a nice venue. Walking in off the back we got to see a nice art panel of all the characters in Soulcalibur 6 and that led us to the show floor. Please enjoy the video showing you this event.

There was a nice bar, free t-shirts and of course free red bull that some should have eased up on, but it was still a nice chilled crowd. I give props to the DJ rocking the nice mixes and giving us a good vibe to the fighting scene.

Let’s get into the Combat!

I wasn’t surprised that we were able to play the full game since it will be released on October 19th. It was good interacting with other fighters there and learning some new things about certain characters. You have to understand that some of us went to the event with no knowledge of the new mechanics of the fighters. I am a Kilik main and I wasn’t aware of his new soul charge ability that makes him look like Necali or the second skin of Evil Ryu. This will enhance him in damage even with his throws which is a great tactic.

There was an interesting Astaroth fight wherein the center of the ring he slammed his ax onto the opponent for a throw and tossed them out of the ring. I thought that was something interesting to know and look out for, but some were not pleased to see that. It will be cheesed if used properly, but I will take on the challenge to master in dodging that attack.

Looking forward to the full release of Soulcalibur VI and if you went to the event please share your thoughts on it. Be sure to check out our review coming soon. – Beast Out

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