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Castlevania Netflix Review

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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I am a Beast trying to get his game on. Living by the ways of the Konami Code for many years until I decided to share my knowledge and opinions of the gaming world for you mortals. I hope you enjoy the content that we provide here! - Beast Out -
Beast Gamer Kuma

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There have been so many different stories of Beauty and the Beast. I know that most don’t have the title, but still, follow the same theme. A man whose heart has grown cold, only until he meets a woman that makes him a believer again. For Dracula, his faith in humanity was long gone only to meet a woman who walked into his home seeking knowledge to help those in need. This woman made his dead heart feel alive again, but that kind of happiness never last sadly. When you are surrounded by those that are ignorant that do not believe in your love or that your practices may deem you a Witch. The Universe tends to misses an event and causes heartache. There is nothing worse than being on a vacation only to return to find out your love was burned at the stake. All I can think of is, “You done fu*ked Up now!”

Bloodborne Review


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There is an old saying, “Kill or Be Killed,” But once you get to play BloodBorne, well let’s just say you’re going to be killed…..a lot! First couple of hours of play-through I’m still being killed relentlessly in the starting area but yet despite myself cursing at the “Your Dead” screen and wanting to throw down the controller and rage quit any moment, I can’t stop playing it. There is something about this game that makes me go back out into the playfield and try to hunt down these demons repeatedly until the job is done!