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Developers of Splinter Cell Should make The Player Video Game

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma

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Yes, I do believe that certain shows would be great as a video game. This show in question is called The Player starring Phillip Winchester as Alex Kane, Charity Wakefield as Cassandra King, Damon Gupton as Detective Cal. Brown and Wesley Snipes as Mr. Johnson also known as the Pitt Boss. The question would be why would the developers at Ubisoft who made Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell be interested in a TV series? Well Think of Splinter Cell: the Blacklist which pretty much has some similarities to The Player that could be great for a video game, but I am ahead of myself. Lets get into the story.

Seeing Red: The Blacklist Episode Review


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So let’s get our own recap: Red Reddington is a unique character. Red is on the FBI most wanted list. One day he just ups and turns himself in. He is sent to section Chief Harold Cooper who can’t get a word out of him. Red says he will only talk to a new recruit Liz Keen. Now here’s the core of the show: Red has a list of nasty criminals that fly under the radar that can cause global havoc at the drop of a dime. The Blacklist;Just like our other favorite shows- Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield, the core story could be exciting, or the they could be boring. So what keeps us going. The back story. In this case even in season 2 we are still wondering: Why Lizzy? Why these criminals?, who is the syndicate that Red is running from?, Is Red Lizzy’s daddy?, And today episode Who what why is the Fulcrum!