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You ever wanted an arcade machine in your house, but never had the room for it? What about an arcade machine that is customized for your gaming needs? Well there is a place where this is actually possible in a tiny form for your table or desk.  In that check out this video.

Now the best part of this adventure that I took on the site was the different kinds of mini arcades you can make. They range from single player, two player and some in the form of a table top pacman unit. Now sadly the cost to ship to North America is going to cost a pretty penny, but any fan would say, “Damn the Cost!”, but it would take 5 working days to get to you.

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Introducing the Creator:

I am a electronic engineer by trade and I have been building and repair several of Arcade Game Cabinet JAMMA, NEO-GEO, CAPCOM,SEGA or MAME. Over the last 29 years I have been dedicating my time and passion to permanently improve and build only high quality products.

The usual ARCADE MACHINES have a BIG inconvenient and this is the space used, so in the last years I have started to build highly compact versions of these machines due to the size restriction, extra work is spent into squeezing all the components into the machines with extra care to be sure that at the end of the project, all the components fit Inside. THE RESULTS: The same feeling and game play as a big arcade machine, a solid, small size and portable machine that can fit in your games room, kitchen and family room, the counter top or bar, bedroom or employees lounge and can be taken to parties for extra entertainment especially for the competitive players. These are unique video game entertainment systems and they can also be a very special and rare present or a perfect Christmas gift.

Enjoy this amazing game that will keep you, your children or friends entertained for thousands of hours. This will bring you back old memories and the incredible game play that only an Arcade Game Machine can give to you years of classic arcade fun (the game masters know what I mean nothing quite compares to playing classic arcade games with genuine arcade controls).
Here is some of my work carried out building an Arcade Machine

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If you are interested please hit up their website at tinyarcademachines.com and see their vast selection. I think the prices are fair, but worrying about maintenance would be on the brain. Either way I hope you enjoyed this preview and please check back for more on tech and game information. Stay frosty!


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  1. Debbie says:

    Considering the prices + shipping, it would make a special gift for someone else, but a tabletop arcade machine is pretty unique and is a great way of invoking nostalgia with astonishment

  2. Awesome, this is what I was searching for in google

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