Twin Mirrors Gameplay Preview

You as a person have complex sides that many can’t predict or imagine. We all have a bit of good or evil in us and have to make those tough decisions. Twin Mirrors is a game with that sort of intrigue. This time around you are not sure what happens and have to figure out the clues that will reveal your salvation or damnation.

“In the trailer, players will get a look into Sam’s Mind Palace, a refuge for his psyche and his secret weapon in probing crime scenes and uncovering the truth. Another manifestation of Sam is also introduced, The Double, but with such a strong inner voice, a hazy memory and a series of gut-wrenching choices, who can Sam trust?”

This psychological thriller will be episodic, but it will drive players to investigate and cause worry with who they can trust. Even down to their doppelganger known as a Double. This is Sams alter ego that was introduced in the video above. Since the setting is in a fictional place of Basswood it shows the creativity with the developers. The studio DONTNOD Entertainment are the same folks that brought you the Life is Strange series. So expect a nice twisted adventure in this small town.

You can expect Twin Mirrors first Episode, Lost on Arrival to be Released in 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Also, check back for further details as they develop. – Beast Out –

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