Xenon Racer full Throttle Preview

I bet you never guessed I am somewhat of a racing fan? I always have been into cars, but not as deep as my comrade Miakire_Hi who actually does racing at times. But I tell you there is nothing like going towards that red line at high speeds and hitting corners with a sweet drift overtaking an opponent. So, is Xenon Racer able to meet my expectations of an interesting and fun arcade racer?

Xenon Racer Specs

There are factors to consider when it comes to an eccentric racing game such as Xenon Racer is trying to sell us here. One is the action of the races, does it feature some high octane experience that makes you stay focused as if you are in a centrifuge going maMach? Most importantly and I know my Scuba Brother Obi would agree, how is the soundtrack? Does it intensify the experience making my rhythm in racing sync with the track and the other opponents. Because if a racing game doesn’t have a jaw-dropping soundtrack then it might lose my interest.

Best part about Xenon Racer is the fact that it will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch which also made me think about crossplay. Yea I know we are still in the early stages, but this is another test that should be looked into. However m,y biggest problem will be do I get it for the home consoles or the more mobile Nintendo Switch so I can take it out on the go?

Oh, but before I end this lets speak more on the cars itself where I noticed something that got me excited and how I thought this is what a Speed Racer video game should look like that. There is a unique transformation going on with the cars as I assume when you hit the nos or something. I would also hope for a nice photomode or replay feature to rewatch your races in a cinematic experience, because that kind of control is always fun. But that might be asking for too much.

Luckily we do not have to wait till the year 2030 to play this game where Xenon Racer is set, but check back for further details as it develops. – Beast Out

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