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Picture this in your head: a Mega Man game in a modern re-imagined version that’s also a roguelike with co-op multiplayer. That’s 20XX in a nutshell! But let’s dive deeper into this pixelated indie game to see why you need to get this game when the full game releases.

So, let’s get a little background for this game. 20XX is a roguelike action platformer that you can play with a buddy made by Batterystaple Games with the help of Kickstarter and the Fire Hose Games accelerator program. Batterystaple Games started production of this game in 2013 and was inspired by the Mega Man X series, which would explain it’s classic pixel platformer look. By the looks of the game trailer, it’s fast paced and it has a jump-and-shoot type of gameplay. Making this game a roguelike gives it a very interesting mechanic to the whole game. Plus there are a ton of changing levels with plenty of power-ups to keep you busy. Check out the trailer below!

If anybody was dying to play a co-op platform shooting game, this is definitely their chance to do so. Personally, I think any game should have multiplayer whether it be online or local. It’s always better to play with a friend. I have only played one Mega Man game in my entire life and it was hard and a bit annoying, but just looking at this game makes me want to give this a shot and great for the new generation of platfrom shooter gamers.

I’ve been playing roguelikes recently, so I’m very eager to pick this game up on Steam and play it with all my friends. You can get the Early Access release right now at Steam for a reduced price and enjoy it’s roguelike Mega Man goodness! This has been a preview post by Trickster and until next time, Let’s Make Magic!

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