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It is interesting seeing a comeback to a lot of classic games, especially with gamers that scream about graphics mattering and oh look you have a Nintendo Mini. I love it though between checking out the Retron 5 all in one system or the return of the Superboy which is a Super NES handheld. It is a great time to be a collector of games, but you also would like to use a classic controller with these items. 8BitDo is here with some pretty sweet devices for your retro gaming needs that are available now.

You see that? Those four controllers are just the taste of what they have to offer each having wireless support or you can plug it in via USB cord. These controllers can be used also on Android, iOS, Windows PC and even Wii-mote.

I know a few people like myself that still have some classic systems, but what if you need an upgrade and since these controllers are only bluetooth and USB based there are receivers that you can purchase as well.

Both of these devices are for NES classic and Super NES which you can also use a PS4 controller, PS3 controller and WiiU Pro. There is also a way to upgrade the firmware with the built-in Flash memory chip.

While wireless controllers for the NES already exist, 8Bitdo’s bluetooth dongle aligns itself with the company’s desire to give gamers more options; not just content with being able to connect all of 8Bitdo controllers to an NES wirelessly, they expanded functionality to allow the use of PS3, PS4, Wii Remote, and even Wii U Pro controllers to the mix! Powered by the NES controller port, this plug and play dongle will let people play all the classics again, especially if heritage controllers have their wires affected by age.

Each of these devices is pricey, but that is not too bad since you can do a lot with them and the input speed is pretty smooth.  The controllers range between $31.99 to $38.99 and the receivers go for $24.99 each. Check out 8Bitdo Gamepads and other accessories over at Play-asia.com and since we are affiliated with them. By clicking on the links and making purchases helps out our site in the long run.

I am still waiting for them to make some Sega Genesis controllers as well as receivers, but hopefully, that will happen soon. Also, check out our stream channel as we are planning on doing a live podcast of E3 2017 which is coming up in a few weeks. – Beast Out –

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