A new Challenger: Ryu fights his way Into Super Smash Bros.

Well it seems Nintendo has opened their arms with Capcom by bringing one of our beloved fighters, Ryu from the Street Fighter series into the Super Smash Bros. family. But does Ryu have what it takes to take on the Smash crew? Well he should be, because Ryu has become the first smash player to have twice as many attacks as a standard character. Normally Smash Bros fighters have two attack buttons to work with, but Ryu is from the land of six attack buttons, so he would have an advantage. To accommodate, Ryu allows players to hold the attack button for stronger attacks or tap the button for quicker and lighter moves.

For the other set of skills, Ryu brought over his signature Street Fighter moves. If you want to bring out the full potential of Ryu then you’re going to have to fight in Street Fighter style. Seriously, if you input Ryu’s classic combos from the Street Fighter series you execute the same moves with greater power, enhancing the odds of a KO.


Ryu can be a very fun character to play around with if you’re just messing around. But put him in the hands of a pro gamer, well he can be a challenging force not to mess with. The only problem that I seem to find playing with Ryu is missing the right inputs for a certain attack and making you vulnerable in the process. Also, make sure you’re facing the right direction whenever you’re using a Shoryuken to jump your way back to the ledge from falling or it’s going to be an embarrassing automatic death.

Video provided by GameXplain

Overall, Ryu is a worthy adversary to pick up for smash. For pricing terms, he goes about $5.99 on the Wii U and a dollar extra for adding him on the 3DS together. There is also Ryu’s infamous Suzaku Castle stage to pick up for $5.99 as well. Now if you excuse me, I must train more of the Hado!

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  1. Kuma Baity says:

    still not sure if I want to shell out that money for Ryu just yet. But damn he is impressive in the game.

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