Adidas Dragon Ball Sneaker Line Reveal

Buddy of mine posted about this the other day and it caught my interest. Not going to lie, but I am not that big of a sneakerhead, however when it comes to geek things I am all over it like a fan trying to get an autograph from Jessica Nigri! This is coming from Sneaker Newson a new line of Dragon Ball Z inspired Adidas that will make you want to chase after all seven dragon balls.

There will be seven shoes showcasing a theme based on seven different Dragon Ball characters to add to your collection.

“It starts in August with Son Goku and Frieza, represented by the adidas ZX 500 RM and the Yung-1. September will feature Son Gohan and Cell with the new adidas Deerupt and the Prophere. It continues in November with Vegeta and Majin Boo represented by the Ultra Tech and the Kamanda, and concludes in December with Shenlong (alternately spelled “Shenron”) and the upcoming EQT Mid ADV.”

The entire line is focused on Adidas new 2018 line that will begin releasing on August throughout the end of the year each month. Also stated that there are rumors that there might be more characters coming in the line up as well with Mr. Popo, Yajirobe, Tenshinhan and Mr. Satan. Honestly they need to focus on some Bulma’s that can be sported by both Men and Women in honor of the late Hiromi Tsuru who was the original voice actress. Whats up with the Krillin’s, The Trunks and the Yamcha’s? They might be in the works as well, but we shall see what happens.

So far I am liking the Son Gohans and the Vegetas are just plain but they look like something I can go out on the town in with a nice casual suit. Also, I would dig more of a high top line like they had in the anime, but this is just the beginning. I would likely have a problem finding these in a 16 and a half or 17, so I am not banking on dropping money on these. Also, there is no price range shown just it, but I am pretty sure sneaker spots will have lines around the corner when this drop later this August.

This is a pretty cool reveal since the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta was just released over the weekend and the game fully releases on January 26th. Nice time to get the hype up for DBZ fans out there. Other than that stay tuned for more details later on and be sure to check out our latest Beta video of Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you are a sneaker collector please comment below and share your thoughts. What styles would you like to see in the future? – Beast Out

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