I am so glad this is on the internet because I feel like I would get trampled by all the people i know that collect Amiibo’s. This Beast is here to let you know about these things as a fellow collector and it helps me in the long run, so check it out! 

Amiibo’s Unleash!

 UP TO 44% OFF NOW!  Prices have just been slashed on some items today!

Enjoy the 14 individual amiibo figures with over 600 in stock just for this sale, so act quick as the sale ends 28 Jan!.   Super discounts on amiibo Super Smash Bros. Series Figures, amiibo Monster Hunter Stories Series Figures, amiibo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Series Figures, and much more!  See below for the complete rundown…

Ridley is the first Amiibo up for the sale! 

Originally the Ridley figure went for $24.99 there is a slight update to this one.


You can snatch this leader of the Space Pirates from Metroid Ridley can be yours for $13.99. With Smash Bros Ultimate out I say why not stock up on ones that you may have missed.

Monster Hunter Stories Figure Enters the Fight!


This figure is cute and definitely on my radar from my last Switch post I did. I love the Monster Hunter series so I will be personally picking this one up. 

Breath of the Wild Series Amiibo Rides In!

Hyrules very own Savior and Zelda’s whatever is always a good choice for any collection. When he is not running around being the hero of time or Tamming the Winds. This breath of the wild addition goes great on any center piece.

Super Smash Bros Re-Run of Rockman Jumps into the list! 

The blue bomber himself Jumping into your home protecting you from the Evil Dr. Wiley. I honestly like Zero better, but that is just me. 

That is just a few amiibo’s to look into, but you can definitely check out the full list by clicking on the image below. The sale ends on January 28th, 2019 so get to it before you miss out. I hope you find what you are looking for and be sure to check more for more reviews, previews, news and gear post. – Beast Out – 

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