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We do all dream of escaping this reality/world, heading someplace new and exciting and most often becoming something special. In anime and manga there are countless series that fall under similar guidelines. You often get the main character who either dies, stumbles upon an object/location, is playing a game or even occasionally is summoned and ends up stuck in a new world. The powers that be or maybe even the journey through dimensions that the soul goes through will often imbue the MC with some unique power or maybe he will maintain his memories of his past life and that will provide him with a unique advantage in the new world.


Though the fact that some of these guys are people who are obsessed with strategy games or know how to build a gun from scratch is kind of a stretch, but it’s a story deal with it. Sometimes it’s the opposite direction though too, where beings from a different dimension come and invade ours, thus somehow humanity grows new powers but only in chosen individuals and we fight to preserve our home. It’s a vicious cycle of the same plot told different ways, but say what you will I still read every single one of those series, hoping for something special.

Despite the cliché that fills the voids of the shelves there is one series that stands alone. Gate – Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri (Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There), most often now referred to as just GATE, is a recently animated series that tries a different approach. In the story one day in the middle of Tokyo a Gate magically splits open and out of the gate poured soldiers and strange creatures, and they soon made the streets look like a war zone. The gate apparently connected Japan to another world, a world with a militant empire (think old school Rome) and many supernatural creatures. At this point after their initial skirmish Japan sends forces through including tanks, choppers and countless weapons. It’s like a small scale invasion. You need to realize this is a world where only a few can use magic and here we are sending soldiers with “magic fire rods” that can kill armies in minutes, if this was time travel we’d be destroying the timeline. The “invading” forces of Japan do things right though and give the people there a bit of a culture shock and save lives as well.


After the first fights, The Japanese Self-Defense Force decided to send a small group, led by a soldier Itami Youji, who’s also our MC and an otaku, into the other world on a reconnaissance mission. They’re meant to learn what they can about the empire (and its plans), the world, and the people. The MC and company even helps a village from a fire breathing dragon using a rocket launcher, a freaking rocket launcher.

Through the journeys there and back, the MC travels with a rag tag group including an elf, a wizard and an apostle to a dark god (who is also a gothic lolita -swoon-), all of which are of course female I mean come on why not. My favorite parts are the girls in this series, I loved it in manga form but animated oh my. Seeing all the half animal girls in very little clothing and how they reacted to the soldiers made me want to join the army. The animation of the series is a step up from the manga which is refreshing and I never imagined the characters sounding as they did either. Though even animated I can’t take certain characters seriously, like Princess Pinya Co lada (pina colada), I mean really?


The anime is going a little more in-depth and detailed then the manga about every little event, it makes the story easier to follow and the politics more understandable. Even with that they are actually advancing pretty fast along the plot. I’m just glad the story is sticking faithfully to the original with no noticeable deviations, at least not important ones. Episode 18 takes place round where the mid-fifties in the manga take place. So the most recent anime episodes are now finally ahead of what’s translated in the manga.

Overall this is a great series, with amazing fights and not overly censored like some series tend to be. I’m a bit meh about how the US president reminds me of Trump, and the how aside from a little strife from Russia the other countries are holding back on trying to enter the GATE. In real life the USA would be all over it, wanting to be included in all the expeditions, especially since we have US bases in Japan. I love almost everything about the series except for Zolzal and the rape and such… totally throws me off when it’s included in some stories like this. If not for that bastard prince I’d give this series a perfect score.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri gets a 4 out of 5 for me~

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