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19 days later and I am here to share my thoughts on Anthem the new Online Adventure Shooter from Bioware. This review will consist of a video review sharing my humorous thoughts on this title, but I will keep things a bit serious here. I hope you enjoy. 

The story of Anthem:

I had to go back and rewatch my footage because I was still a bit lost on the plot of this game. You are a rookie Freelancer helping out a famed Javelin Pilot named Haluk take on an area known as the Heart of Rage. This is where things kick off and end poorly as you are all defeated and the name of the Freelancers has been tarnished. It is now two years later as Javelin Pilots rebuild their reputation only to be confronted by a new enemy. The Dominion are the new villains in town led by The Monitor who is this Thanos looking dude harnessing the power of the Anthem of creation. 

Now it is up to you and fellow Freelancers to find whatever they are looking for and save the people of Tarsis before devastation falls upon them. I will be honest that the plot flew over my head in a huge way. It still doesn’t feel as if it flowed naturally as you are playing either. But I digress. 

The Good:

Being a Huge fan of the Exo-Squad series and of course Iron Man helps me enjoy this game more than I should. The first thing you do is immediately just up in the air and transform into flight mode. Each Javelin will maneuver differently as well. Since I have chosen to main the Colossus I am built to fly like a tank unlock the other Jav’s that can flip in the air or strafe right or left to avoid attacks. Instead, a Colossus will have a shield they can deploy on the ground or in flight.

There is always co-op even though you can make the game mode private. You can still squad up with friends or Random people to have a blast. I love the idea that we don’t have to fight over loot, ammo or health items. Each drop is dedicated to your eyes only which it should always be.

Weaponry sounds feels and looks amazing. Each Javelin class will have particular weapons dedicated to them. But you can swap some weapons between them all. I am also using the Ranger which is the balanced Javelin on the list. I usually use Marksman Rifle and auto pistol with Ranger. The Colossus I usually go for Auto Canon and Light Machine Gun. Then there are the super abilities in which I use a flamethrower and Mortar Shells. Supportability I have is either Shield or Aggro where I Shout to gain the attention of all enemies. 

So far, the Storm Javelin is the Overpowered of the bunch being that it has the strongest area of effect abilities and longest hover time. You need to keep an eye on that during flight since there is an overheating issue. But if you skim the water or the environment is cool you will be able to fly longer. Some tricks work like swan diving if high enough or dump yourself into deep water. 

Interesting creature features in many of the enemies that you will have to face. I am never a fan of bullet sponge enemies, but if it makes sense I am all in. These battles will be tough and have you rethink just running into Danger for sure. Even as a Colossus I have to be tactical since there will be opposition to match my strength. This will be all lessons to learn as you dive into the different game modes. 

  • Missions
  • Freeplay
  • Strongholds

You will have your regular story missions and walking around Tarsis talking to the locals will gain you extra XP or loyalty points. Freeplay is what it is, this will give players the opportunity to go out on their own or with a group to take on the random areas as a loot quest. You will find a treasure chest, codex and side missions to help you level up. 

Strongholds are your mini raids where the higher the difficulty the better the chance you will get drops. Be mindful of your Level because in Grandmaster 1 you need to be over 425+ which means you should be at 440 and up. Grandmaster 2 is 525 and GM 3 is past 600. There is a lot of replay value to be had so have fun level up the Javelin of your choice and beat down the opposition. 

Make the Javelin your own naturally. You will be running around with the same Javelins from time to time, but doesn’t mean you all will have the same style and color scheme. Anthem lets you put your creative skills to the test, maybe not as intense as Mass Effect but enough to be picked out in the crowd. So get into the customization and show off, try to throw in some Hot Rod red too. 



The Bad:

Anthem would have been a perfect game if it weren’t for a few issues. The loading screen is a big issue where it would last for almost a minute at times. That is weird for this day and age as well as being bounced to the main title screen during a mission. This is also a major issue if you finish a mission and bounced to the title screen which at times will make you lose out on your loot. 

It did bother me that there wasn’t much customization when it came to the pilot, but you hardly see him so I will move on from that. What is up with this story though? I personally dismissed it because for once a Bioware games story didn’t captivate me and that was weird. I only cared for one character in this entire game and she was a sub NPC. A woman who lost her son believing that I was her Kyler. It was sad, but I help her gain peace of mind. But when it came to the main story I was just like, “meh”. 

Lastly, why doesn’t the story transfer over in co-op? There is no shared saved which is annoying that whatever you do in the story in helping someone else you have to do it over again even if you both are in sync in playing. I would argue that this is a cheap way to gain XP faster and more drops, but it can be tasking. 


All and all I am having a great time flying around, upgrading my javelin and discovering areas that I might have missed. It is a pretty decent game if you get passed all of the other issues. I am hoping to see what upcoming events will happen. Also, the micro-transactions are not that bad. You can earn the gold to get all the items in the game instead of using real-world money. 

Anthem was played on the PS4 and I give it 3.5 paws out of 5. Check it out for yourself which it is available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. – Beast Out – 

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