Apple Wants in on Video Game Services

Interesting things happened over the weekend and one is Apple wants to break into the video game market in the future. In the weekend Financial Times stated, that Apple is spending millions in obtaining in getting new titles. It should have happened a while ago, I think, it should’ve happened a long time ago. If you beta tested the GeForce Now service you can play PC games on Apple Computers.

Apple Wants in on Video Games!

The substantial outlay to developers shows how seriously Apple is taking games as a new source of subscription revenues, despite the public paying more attention to its star-studded push into television and news.  It also reflects the increasing competition in Silicon Valley for exclusive rights to the best content, as the iPhone maker bids against other new games platforms from Google and Tencent, as well as the console makers Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. – Financial times

There are a lot of companies breaking into the streaming service with Steam being the front runner followed behind by Sony and Microsoft. Now, Google and Apple have shown heavy interest in generating revenue from the gaming industry. The rise of gaming services is not unheard of for many, but it will split gamers in different directions. You have Origin and Ubisoft’s service to contend with too.


This beast is not going to sugar coat the reputation of gaming with Apple, because there hasn’t been much of it. Apple has been the top choice towards artist for rendering in Adobe Master Suite or for musicians as well as production companies. It is the system for content creators.


In the article they have the analyst predicting the subscription service of video games would benefit Apple in the billions.

Several people involved in the project’s development say Apple is spending several million dollars each on most of the more than 100 games that have been selected to launch on Arcade, with its total budget likely to exceed $500m. The games service is expected to launch later this year.

I say “no duh” to that notion since gaming has gone to a global level in movies, tv shows and soon the Olympics. There are scholarship programs that help gamers make gaming a career.

What games are expected?

It seems they have already established Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, Cartoon Network and Lego titles. There are some safe and good games to start with and of course, they will be looking into the indie games market. 

Mobile gaming has come a long way and Android has a good head start, but I wouldn’t rule Apple out or anyone that starts late. What say you gamers? How do you feel about Apple getting into gaming more? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below. – Beast Out – 


Source| Financial Times

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