Are Games too Hard or Should we Enjoy the Challenge?

I am a gamer that lives for the challenge, running through dungeons, fighting many adversaries, picking up flowers for a quest, oh those side quest. But, it was all part of the game in all different formats with many different challenges. As of late in this new generation of HD and 4K I have been worried about the toughness of gamers. Between nerfing things in multiplayer or as of now single player titles giving them the business and they want an easy mode. Really? We were made from tougher stuff from what I remember.

First Boss: The Breakdown

Recently there has been a return of a particular genre of video game that really puts the player against almost impossible odds. These challenges were meant to help you think of what you can do in order to beat these tough enemies or take down this boss. For me, it started with Contra and without using the Konami code. You only had three lives to beat the game and wow it was a nightmare, but it was fun. Now the new generation back on the PS3 was introduced again to dungeon crawler that would make you run screaming “Nope” throughout the halls and that game was Demon Souls.

There are others I could mention, but I am jumping through certain games which leads to a resurfacing of the outcries for an easy mode. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has some gamers going through hours trying to be one boss and it feels bad, but you get inspired when you see that gamer muscle through. But we are back to square one on this situation.

I am now understanding why games like Wolfenstein has humor depending on which game mode you pick. At the lowest difficulty, it shows an image of the main antagonist with a bib, pacifier and a baby hat. Yes, you may be insulted, but hell it fits the mode that you need the easiest setting.

Second Boss: The Ugly Truth

What is really going on here? The one thing I like about the Achievement and Trophy system on our current video games is that it is hard to lie now. I can actually see what trials and challenges you as a gamer have accomplished. I applaud those that tackle Veteran Mode for Call of Duty, take on the hardest level in Doom or Titan Mode in God of War. You are a Gamer!

This breaks down to 3 categories for me:

  • Causal Gamer: You are to try and just have fun passing the time, not concentrating on anything major just wants the leisure time.
  • The Gamer: Usually a variety player, but has enough under their belt to give you details and help you in a crisis.
  • The Hardcore Gamer: This one can be tricky to define since a hardcore gamer could be someone that is only interested in one particular genre and is a master at it down to history. Or a Variety gamer that knows everything about all games and has defeated each one as a completionist.
  • Pro Gamer: Bottomline this is their job now, they get paid to be in tournaments, train hard and get sponsorships from it. They are the elites.

It is okay if a particular game is not for you that is fine. You are a particular gamer and that works for you, but once you go into a different tier don’t ruin it for us that enjoy the challenge. If you graduate into difficult tiers than we assume you have an understanding of what you are facing. I know the industry has it tough trying to sell a game for everyone while catering to the Hardcore gamer which some games have the difficulty options. As I tell people before you buy do the research and make sure the game is for you.

Final Boss: Acceptance

Bottom line we are all gamers in our own special tier, you have nothing to prove. I know that it is hard when there are certain elitist out there trying to tower over you with their gaming skills. But just ignore them and enjoy the game, no reason to get on developers to demand an easier time when it wasn’t meant for you. Games are meant to challenge your mind, boost your reaction time and give you a feeling of accomplishment. That happens, even more, the higher the difficulty so you can be that gamer saying, “Yup, I beat that boss GG!

It is okay if you can’t handle a game’s difficulty just play for fun and don’t ruin the heat of battle and the challenge of tackling a GodLike boss from us the enjoy the endurance. What say you about this topic my fellow gamers? Do you find the thrill of the challenge or should there always be an easy option? – Beast Out – 

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