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Ashley J. Williams has to be one of the greatest, badass, heroes in any horror situation…even if he is the one that causes the problems in the first place. Ash has laid low and set his accomplishments to the bar ladies he gives some sob story too at the bar. However for Ash his fun time ends to run out in a demonic way just because of some evil book. The best character in any of the Evil Dead stories the Necronomicon or known to many as the Book of the Dead. Why is it still around? Who the hell knows, but here we go again.

Hail to the Retired King…Baby?


It has been 30 years since Ash played by Bruce Campbell saved the world from the dark forces of the underworld. He even went back in time to try and stop it before hand, but he screwed that up as we all know. He is retired, but yet again our “Hero” has F*CKED it all up due to a lack of judgment with a blonde and some pot. I swear there is a hilarious marijuana commercial in there somewhere.

In the end one night that was supposed to be a booty call turns into him making the mistake of reading that damn book again and unleashing the evil again. If you think our would be hero is the type to grab his gear and get ready for war then you might as well give your wallet to the first person that claims to be a wallet smith. Honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that it is the Necronomicon, I would have left too, but that damn evil will follow you where ever you go. It has a hit out for Ash, but this time around he will not fight entirely alone.

The Good


Besides the fact that we are getting a series based on one of the famed horror films ever Sam Raimi has brought some nostalgic joy to my life a bit. They could not do this show justice if it was on regular tv and thankfully Starz picked it up giving us the gore, the violence, the nudity and the comedy. Bruce Campbell as Ash evolves with his character being that he is a lot older made him a lot cockier. Even if he is 30 lbs. over weight, he knows how to BS his way into a woman’s panties and yes he is a bit of a jerk. That is the beauty of the character and he has the right too after all the crap that he has gone through thanks to the book.

The cast is seasoned enough to make Ash a whole person, because he will need all the help he can get. Right now I am favoring his sidekick Pablo played by Ray Santiago. I feel this would be the gender bend of Xena were as Pablo is Ash’s Gabrielle. Speaking of the lovely Xena, Lucy Lawless will be on the show playing as Ruby. Also showing up is Jill Marie Jones as Detective Fisher and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly. Kelly is a badass that put Ash in his place, but that all changed once she saw him in action. I am expecting a lot of hero development with the sidekicks, especially Pablo.


Speaking of action the sequences in Ash vs. Evil Dead is inspiring. The slow motion effects and even the splatter work with the ghouls and human battles. I was stunned and had to remind myself that this is a TV series. They even showed a behind the scenes of how they did some of the special effects after the show. I like things of that nature gives the audience a lesson on the hard work and how they are not totally using CGI. Nothing wrong with CGI, but there is an appreciation to the live make-up art form.

The Bad


I fear that this show is a bit too immature for today’s audience where they will PC (politically correct) the crap out it. Some of today’s shows are not as vulgar or silly enough for some people to get it I guess. There are some corny moments with some of the satire and quick jokes, but I still found it to be fun. I am a bit worried on how they will keep the interest going. In the previous movies he didn’t get rid of the evil properly and they showed that at each ending. Either he got someone to do it properly, or they just went dormant after getting their butt kicked enough. In the end I want it not to fail, but we shall see.

Groovy Conclusion:


Ash vs. the Evil dead had a strong start and a well written script. As of now I can’t wait for the next episode dealing with Kelly’s parents and how Ash will deal with the Evil that has risen. I also want to know if his boss with be a villain in the series since they did show him getting possessed or attacked. In the end it is a comedy filled action fest with the right kind of hero a**hole to save the world. Ash vs. Evil Dead El Jefe gets 4 out of 5 paws. All right citizens I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check back for more reviews, previews and news. Stay frosty!


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