Astro City Arcade Machine Model Kit Pre-order Info

This is pretty cool Nostalgia or something to add to your gaming collection, especially for those having trouble getting a huge arcade cabinet in their living space. Check out this pre-order information from of the Capcom titles 1/12 scale plastic model kit: Astro city arcade cabinets.

This is a re-release with a 3 pack for you to enjoy and to have fun with your figurines. Each cabinet is articulated to replicate the exact ones from Astro City. The Cabinets are at 150mm with snap-fit type plastic, but many of you that have done model kits will probably kick it up a notch with more details to fit your style.

The cabinets will also feature some changeable graphics for whatever theme you want to set up with some classics game images of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Vampire Savior, and Rockman. Once I know many will get creative and make their own high res graphics or some might even fit in an LED screen to actually show some gameplay and with the Neo Geo Mini coming out which looks like an arcade machine itself, might do some modding.

Pre-order Deadline is July 16 and yes I know why so late telling you, hey I just got the information and gladly sharing so get on that. It is only $29.99 and the cabinets will ship out on August 31, 2018. Again this is a nice addition to your collection so take advantage and use this link right here to make your pre-order which helps us out in the long run. – Beast Out


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