August PSN Free Games are Here

The August line up for your PlayStation Plus members are nowhere and it seems to be pretty good for the last month before we hit that fall season.

Now, I am glad I waited since I was interested in playing Mafia 3 for a while and there have been some decent sales on the game. However, now I will just have to download it. You play as Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay, who has returned from the war only to find out his surrogate family has been brutally killed by the Italian Mafia. It is time to use that military for some good old fashion revenge as he builds his new family in order to wipe out the Mafioso that took away his peace.

The next game is literally things of nightmares where we have the 1 vs 4 Dead by Daylight for you horror fans out there. Dead By Daylight pits 4 players who have to find their way out of their monster capture compound by either getting generators working to open the door or find a secret floor panel to escape solo. I mean you can activate the generators on your own, but if you are smart teaming up is ideal.

The PSN PLUS Free Games Also Include:

Lately, PSN has given out some bonus free games and the first one that you can download is Here They Lie free for their PS VR system. It is a horror game of course, but if that is not what you are looking for there is Knowledge is Power as part of your PS Plus membership from August 7 through November 6. That is all there is for this month and I would say take advantage especially for PSVit and PlayStation 3 which will end their PSN Plus program March next year. – Beast Out

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