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HyperX full-line of Peripherals Review

The doorbell rings at a quarter to 8 pm, as my other half answers the door, he witnesses a FedEx delivery man walking away. A massive box now sits upon my doorstep, He calls out to me “Are you expecting a package?”, “No?” I responded, “ Well it’s for you”, then he walks in the door with the package and states “It’s not Ticking!”. I open the box, which reveals a letter from HyperX, which starts off ironically with exactly what I was thinking.

PlayStation “Days of Play” Sale

PlayStation gamers if you’re looking to jump into some the most talked-about games released over the past few months, now is the time. Sony is preparing to celebrate the E3 conference with some epic sales on some the top selling games on the PlayStation store with their “Days of Play” sale that started today June 9 and will end at 8 am PT on June 16.

Uniting for Inclusion and Play

The gaming universe is filled with endless diversity, with the multitude of devices and platforms, and people who unite from all over the world with the one same intention, to play a game. There are so many aspects that make each of us as an individual diverse, living in a harshly unruly divided culture within society today, things can get pretty adverse. Today we are here to celebrate making positive inclusive connections with Electronic Arts Play to Give in-game events June 2nd-4th 2017.

They Shall Battlefest

Come one, Come all, from the deserts of Sinai, the alleyways of Amiens, and the dazzling poppy fields of Rupture to The DICE 25th Anniversary Battlefest! Along with Battlefest comes some amazing new features in Battlefield 1.

Peel back the Layers of Fear Review

Today we dive deep within the 2016 Psychological horror Layers of Fear developed by Bloober Team. The game itself it’s available on all Platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X, PS4, XB1), however, it is currently free to all Xbox Live Gold Members for the month of March.

Hands on Review: Titanfall 2 PS4

Stand by soldiers as we dive into this review of Titanfall 2 with guest reviewer BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ who will be taking us on this future combat tour. Now if you remember my Titanfall 1 review with Seph_Dean way back we had a great time, but it seemed the fun was short lived due to some things that we felt that could have been improved. Now that Titanfall 2 has been released, I was quite curious about the changes but wanted a different perspective from a gamer that is a veteran FPS pro. I trust BLaZeD opinion when it comes to first person shooters and a special shout out to Newworldshogun for providing the game to BLaZeD for the review.

Hands on Beta: COD Infinite Warfare

With the release of a new Call of Duty game, Infinity Ward has granted those who pre-ordered access to this past weekend’s beta. As an added bonus they gave out extra codes so you can squad up with friends because not everyone enjoys playing with randoms. This has become the norm for every release giving gamers a taste test of the “Combat Evolved”. Luckily we have BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ to be our tour guide through another futuristic warfare multiplayer experience. Is the future combat genre played out or will Infinite Warfare save the genre?