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Review: X-Files the end is Near

Were back! X-files, bring them back, bring them back!! This was such an amazing series, I’m and ecstatic that it return. I hope that they go at it again next year. Wow.

Dex Flex: Fall Start up pt. 2

The Fall is kicking off strong with many shows, some beginning and some ending. Here we are with Part 2 of the fall review.

Dex Flex: Fall start up pt. 1

The fall season is finally here and Dex shares his thoughts on some of the shows he has taken the time to check out.

Dex Flex Summer: Comic-Con Style

Hey team; here is some of the thing I’m looking forward to in the fall. This is compiled from articles and stuff out of Comic-Con. So Enjoy!

The Flash ep. 23: Fast Enough Review


Fast enough or “Oh wow they went there!” What an episode. The pacing was slow but the twist was worth the wait. Is the Flash fast enough? I have to admit I kept saying, no! – Throughout the episode. Why? Now I’m going to sound like one of those extreme fans. But I didn’t want it to end. This is the only place I get to talk about my favorite thing on TV, and I just didn’t want it to go. Come on admit it, wasn’t it an awesome episode? It wasn’t about Barry; it was all about Team Barry! Ok let’s get on with the highlights.

Dex Flexes his Review Prowess on The Flash, Arrow and Agents of Shield

Hey team, sorry I keep doing all these mash reviews, I have so much going on. I bet that when I get it all together the season will be over. Here we go!

Dex Flexes- Super Sized Review

Hey Team, sorry I missed you all last week I was really under the weather. But I’m back with a super large review for you! Where Do I start?

Dex Flexes: Thoughts on Latest Shows and Whats to Come

Flash was awesome, but if you read my review you know they have to drag out the inevitable fight between Flash & Reverse Flash. Still more Arrow crossovers to come, so stay tuned.

The Flash Episode Review: Who is Dr. Wells?

Our episode begins with Team Flash on the hunt for who is Harrison Wells. This sends Joe and Cisco to Starling City (Arrow Land). They meet up with Detective Lance and they search the accident scene of when Wells lost Tess They discover a body and the DNA matches Wells. I love how this encounter helps us with the future. Detective Lance and Joe bonding, helping Lance bridge the gap between him and his daughter. And Cisco helping Laura gets the Canary cry!! But back at the Lab, Barry has to keep Caitlin calm before she blows the whole investigation.

Super Review Post on our Favorite Superhero Shows

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while but I thought it would be okay to just do a week recap instead of a Flash update. Been a little busy this week but let’s get started with an awesome week.