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SMT: Strange Journey Redux Review

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Shin Megami Tensei series and guess who gets to review SMT: Strange Journey Redux? ME! The Mega fan over her at Kuzokuent and when I say mega fan I remember watching my Big brother playing the 1st game on a Super Famicom in the 90s. Extra kudos to those that know what year that game came out. My artistic hero designed and laid the basic art style people would see for years for this game series.

Batman Ninja Movie Review

N.G here and it’s that time, It’s Batman Ninja time.

Dear Non-Black Cosplayers

Disclaimer: Strong use of language in this article and not suited for younger readers.

Look, I know you don’t know me, and I’m new to this whole writing thing. Regardless, we’re going to learn about this together. This is the thing, I’m a cosplayer. When I say I love to cosplay, I mean I really LOVE to cosplay. I’ve been doing it for some time now, and I’ve seen that the community has a problem. Being a bi-racial person (black/Asian) and cosplaying someone who isn’t my skin color, I’ve been called the black version of [insert character]. It happens a lot. It’s sad and off-putting, but it happens. I’ve seen a black cosplayer dress up as a well-done Link, and this guy continuously called him Black Link and Dark link.  The PoC cosplayer corrects him, but he continued to do it until the cosplayer stalked away. This is one of the problems black people face as cosplayers. Now, let’s look up the definition of Cosplay.

Geforce Now Mac Review

Once you go Mac, you can’t go back. Okay, that may be a bit of an extreme, but to be honest, the capability of a Mac always made my professional life easier. Eventually, that blead over into personal computer space. I simply didn’t see a downside of a Mac (for the most part).

Destiny 2 Review

My fingers are clenched, the controller warmed by my tight grip as if it siphoned off my life force to fuel my Guardian’s adventure. The last few hours of gameplay running through my head, digesting the fact that just a week prior I had all 3 character classes at 400, my book of triumphs complete. Sitting there, contemplating what I had just experienced in Destiny 2. The story, the music, the mechanics and graphics passing through my mind, hearing the voices of my comrades, those who survived and those lost along the way who weren’t able to make it… I just beat the main storyline in Destiny 2.

McFarlane Destiny Figurines Review

It’s so hard to believe that Destiny the game developed by Bungie and published by Activision to mixed reviews came out almost 3 years ago to the day. During that time the selection for some good Guardian merchandise have been relatively frugal, from the slim pickings offered through the Bungie Store to those few item licenses existing through other manufacturers like ThreeA and Mega Bloks. With the renewed interest in the Destiny universe from veterans and new players alike, and the sequel just about 3 weeks away, we finally see the release of the McFarlane Destiny 7 inch figures. The question is, do the figures meet the standards us gamers and collectors expect or will they come down like Crota, son of Oryx? For this review, we will be taking a look at the mold, articulation, paint/ detail, accessories and overall cost/ value and each will be graded according to engram scale: Clear, Green, Blue, Purple, and Exotic.

The Caligula Effect – Review (PS Vita)

How is it going Dudes and Dudettes, bringing first impressions on The Caligula Effect, new gem coming out May 2nd in North America and May 9th in Europe. It is good to note that this was already released in Japan June 23rd, 2016.

Dreadnought – First Impressions (PS4 – Closed Beta)

Hey there internutz, we’re bringing you my first impressions on Dreadnought; currently, in its Closed Beta Stages on PS4, this game is creme de la creme. However, you can download it meow for PC.

Mechrunner – Review (PS4)

What’s going on dudes and dudettes, and I’m bringing you my first series of First Impressions with Mechrunner, available meow on PS4 and PC.

Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Patch Notes Released

Hey dudes and dudettes, breaking news.

New patch notes have been released for the new update coming on June 6th. All of these are active on the Public Test Server.