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Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Part 2

Still Learning

2016 is turning out to be the year for Pokémon collecting. Nintendo is handing out Mythical and Legendaries so often that it’s almost difficult to keep up. Seems like my idea of trying to Catch ‘Em All was pretty well timed as I’m probably going to save a lot of time by not having to track these legendaries down myself. You could argue that I don’t get the true collecting experience by skipping these hard-to.find creatures, but I have over 700 of the monsters to collect. I don’t mind saving a little time here and there.

Ratchet & Clank Review

In a time where reboots, remakes, and HD-upgrades seem to dominate our popular entertainment, it is no surprise that established game franchises grab the opportunity to renew themselves. With Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac put their own twist on the trend with a reboot of the popular platforming franchise. After 8 core games and a number of spin-offs, Insomniac is now releasing an animated film based on the first game in the franchise and this Ratchet & Clank (2016) is the inevitable game based on the film. In short, it’s a game based on a film based on a game. We’re going full Inception mode here.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Part 1

The First 6 Hours

OK, I know I can’t write an update every six hours I spend on this task. If I did there would be an insanely large number of posts the coming months (yes, I do not expect this will take any less time than that). However, in this case, the first few hours were so full of impressions and experiences that there is plenty to write about already.

Nintendo Handing Out 3 More Legendary Pokémons In May

Pokémons’ 20th-anniversary celebration is well underway with a number of free Mythical and Legendary Pokémons being handed out to eager fans. While Nintendo has been marketing their plans to give away 11 Mythical Pokémons during the year for some time, there have also been other Legendary Pokémons available through other channels that have been more surprising.

Pokémon 20th – Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Hello everyone! Iselynne here, back from a little (maybe too long?) hiatus. And with me I bring an idea for a new regular column that I hope you Pokémon fans will find interesting.

Braving Marvel – Namor, The Sub-Mariner

During my previous readings I have read about teams and characters that I have had some knowledge of before. It has been very exciting to read about them and to get to know them even better. Now I’ve been reading about a character that I knew nothing about before but was introduced to through my reading of Civil War. It has been a lot of fun to learn about a new character and their place in the Universe. It has been a lot less predictable as I didn’t know about their relationships to the characters and world around them. This feeling of exploring something new is what reading is all about!

Complete Guide to the New Star Wars Canon

When Disney acquired Star Wars back in 2012 it didn’t take them long to make significant changes to the beloved franchise. One of the most significant changes that Disney announced was that the Expanded Universe as we knew it was no longer canon. Instead, Disney wanted to build their own Expanded Universe around the films. This would allow them to take the story in their new films in different directions than the established timeline in the EU. The downside to this is that many of the fan favorite EU characters and story-lines are no longer official. The Star Wars canon established in the EU spanned thousands of years, and revolved around a lot more than Jedis. There are great stories about bounty hunters, or about criminal gang wars. After the reboot, Disney seems to be focusing only on the war between Jedi and the Sith, but other story-lines might start to surface later. The good thing about this reboot is that Disney and Lucasarts have established their own story department that is responsible for developing the timeline. This means that everything Disney releases under the Star Wars brand after April 2014 will be official and canon.

Lost Dimension Review

Lost Dimension is one of those JRPGs that might have flown under the radar of many people. While the genre has some well known titles such as Final Fantasy and the Tales series, there is a lot of niche games that never make it to western shores, and those that do are not marketed or written a lot about. On the surface, Lost Dimension looks like a run-of-the-mill RPG. The anime box art with protagonists that look like teenagers makes the game look like the average game you’d expect. But looking past the box art and standard plot there are some twists that makes this game stand out. In your party of protagonists there are traitors that are plotting against you. These traitors are selected randomly at the start of each new game, so you will never be able to predict how things will play out. Put that together with a strategic combat system, and you are looking at a game that is trying some new things while still feeling familiar. But is Lost Dimension overreaching in its ambitions, or does it succeed?

Braving Marvel – Dipping into the World of X-23

To start of this month’s edition of Braving Marvel, I have a confession. While I have been interested in reading X-Men comics since I started this journey, I’m finding it hard to figure them out. There are so many X-titles, they could probably have their own universe altogether! The more I research these comics, the more I get confused. But I can’t avoid that big part of the Marvel Universe forever. So while I continue to try to figure out where to start, I start off with reading an origin story about one of my favorite members of the X-Men: X-23.

Braving Marvel – Avengers

After a stressful move to a different country and weeks without my computer, I am finally back with a new edition of Braving Marvel! I have some catching up to do as this July edition is coming to you a bit late. I have been reading quite a bit of comics though, so the August edition will be out soon as well. But for now, let’s focus on the Avengers.