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Copy Kitty Review

Kirby, er, I mean The Matrix, no, Tron…..GAH!! What is this game!? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a refresher to the platformer genre of games. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see if good ‘ol Trickster can convince you to play this game after this review. Let’s enter The Matrix, er, Tron, GAAHH!! Copy Kitty! The game is called Copy Kitty, let’s go.

20XX Preview Post

Picture this in your head: a Mega Man game in a modern re-imagined version that’s also a roguelike with co-op multiplayer. That’s 20XX in a nutshell! But let’s dive deeper into this pixelated indie game to see why you need to get this game when the full game releases.

Stardew Valley – A Relaxing Game Review

Ah, another great sun filled day! What should I do today? Maybe I’ll check on my crops and water them. Maybe I’ll visit the locals and give gifts in order to win their friendship. Or maybe I’ll head to the mines and start mining some jewels and slaying some monsters. There’s just so much to do…in this game! What? You thought I was talking about in real life? Please, leave that socializing stuff to the non-gamers! Here’s another review from your magician Mr. Trickster, this time on Stardew Valley. I’m excited about this one!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 8 Review

There is racism, sexism, and talons? It must be the 1950s. In this episode and they don’t act shy around these topics. Trickster is back to take on another episode of the awesome cross-over of a show Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s get started!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 1 – 7 Review

You know how most spin-off shows never make it past the first few episodes before being cancelled due to it being compared to its predecessor and never being as good? You know how crossovers can easily fail if not done right? This is both a spin-off and a crossover between The Flash and Arrow and so far, it’s breaking those stereotypes. Welcome to another review from me, Trickster, and this time we are tackling DC’s newest show Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s get into it!

Nintendo Takes Down Alvin-Earthworm’s Patreon Page

Before we start off, I just want to say as a disclaimer, I am 100% pissed at Nintendo for this selfish action. Out of all the ridiculous copyright claims they put on fan art and fan animations, this one boils my blood the most. Nintendo, you’ve done messed up now!

The Review of The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Ever wanted to play your favorite movie as a video game? Well this isn’t it because the movie in the game is an oldie stereotypical sci-fi movie circa 1970s. And that’s just the theme of the game! Trickster is back to bring you another review of the beta game called The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Let’s get started!

Poncho Review

What do you get when you have a cute robot with a poncho and the power to shift between the backgrounds and foregrounds of a 2D-ish game? PONCHO of course! Trickster is back to bring you another game review, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

New Game Preview of Ironkraft

Hello everyone, I’m back with my first preview for you guys. This time I’m tackling a new game coming out soon to steam called Ironkraft – Road to Hell. Let’s get started!

Dragon Ball Super Ep. 5 & 6 Review

Hey everyone, I know I’m pretty late on this review, but I had to re-watch Battle of Gods so I can compare the show with the movie. So, let’s get started!