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WTF Gamers Developers Edition: Rape Day

Looks like developers are really pushing it today guys. Here’s a WTF Gamers developers edition back to back courtesy of KumaZoku. However, this one is much more serious then disabling streams because a game is so bad. Have you ever heard of or played a game and just wondered why and how? How did an idea like this ever make it our of the idea room and on to the developer’s floor? And between programmers, modelers, concept artist, testers, studio assistants, producers, the whole development team, no one said “Hey this is an awful idea! This should stop!” 

What The Eff Gamers Company Edition: SquareEnix Disabled Streaming for “Left Alive” in Japan.

For all you streamers out there, this news is a real treat. Especially considering this game’s U.S. release was yesterday so only time will tell if SquareEnix plans to give U.S. streamers the same treatment. For those of you completely unaware of Square-Enix’s new steal espionage/action/ third person shooter title “Left Alive” that may actually be the intent here. 

Square Enix: Master of Remasters

Square Enix has been on fire with the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 finally in the hands of the players. Some of which who waited for a decade. Always being a company that strikes while the iron is hot, it should be no surprise that 2019 would be spared from Square dropping multiple titles. For all you Final Fantasy fans who are either A.) Looking for some serious nostalgia, or B.) Trying to play one of Square Enix’s many greatest hit, I have some wonderful news for you! FF 9 will be joining FF10 and FF12 in the HD remastered department! That’s right! Newcomers and veterans experience the tale of Zidane, Vivi, Princess Garne, and others on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Gaming News: Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC & Smash Ultimate DLC Rundown

Despite all the snow storms and weather advisories we’ve been experiencing here on the east coast, things have been heating up on the FGC. Just because tournaments across the coast have been canceled due to impending heaps of snow, doesn’t mean players haven’t been staying on their A game. Especially in the DBZ Fight Z and Smash Ultimate departments. We may be a ways away from EVO and temperatures in the hundreds, but alas all that isn’t stopping all the new DLC to these games from dropping!


Jump Force Expands with New Characters from Naruto Universe

Okay, all my Shonen Jump fans! This post especially for you… or for anyone who is excited about the Jump Force Fighting game. Ever since it was announced at E3, a wave of middle and high school nostalgia hit my brain. Back in the day, I am obsessed with many Shonen Jump anime and manga. Although my love for Shonen Jump hasn’t dwindled at all, I took the time to hit up the local Jump Station while in Japan.  One of which being the infamous Naruto! While I don’t share the same sentiment when it comes to the spin-off series about his (extremely unlikeable) son Boruto I am thrilled about Jump Force adding more Naruto characters to the mix! Jump Force will be expanding their roaster with characters from Naruto… and Boruto.

Degrees of Separation Preview

2019 is only a few days away, and already 2019’s impending releases have got gamer across the globe prepping their wallets. With the triple A releases  such as DMC5, KH3, RE2 remake looking to soak up most of that cold hard cash, indie games gotta get some of that love too right? It’s a known fact that we here a Kzoku are huge fans of the indie genre. Many of these titles knock it out of the park, and bring whole new levels to innovation in game play. Degrees of Separation is an exquisite looking co-op puzzle platformer that is looks like it’ll make an interesting edition to winter 2019’s roaster.

Rad Rogers Radical Edition Free Update

Hey guys! Last you heard from me, I was getting my groove on via the Persona Dancing Bundles. Although 2018 is coming to an end, there are still tons of games to add to your collection before New Year, New Games kicks off. Sure we are going into 2019 in a few weeks, but with 90s nostalgia not slowing down anytime soon, its only natural that it makes its way into the wonderful world of gaming! It appears Handy Games agrees with that sentiment since they will be bringing “Rad Rodger’s Radical Edition” to the Nintendo Switch; as well as it is a free update on all other platforms.

Persona 3 and Persona 5 Endless Night Collection Review

Do you like rhythm games? Are you looking for a real Shin Megumi Tensei game (kudos for those who get the reference)? Then I have the game for you! After Persona 4 got a dancing spin-off in the form of P4 Dancing All Night, the good folks over at ATLUS decided it was only natural to follow suit with Persona 5. Even though P3 came out years ago, ATLUS went a step further and decided P3 should get some love and feel the groove. (After all, they did retcon Sho Minazuki into the game years after the fact so why no eh?) Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight will drop just in time for the holiday season! So if you like rhythm games, Persona, or just figuring out what to spend those PSN gift cards you’ll be getting next month. Persona 3 and Persona 5 Endless Night Collection is a great way to close out your 2018 gaming year!

SoulCalibur 6 Glitches to be Feared

Although I haven’t got to indulge in as much Soul Calibur 6 as my gaming heart oh so desires, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping on the up and up when it comes to DLC, news, and what not. And especially not game breaking clichés! I mean who doesn’t like a good mechanics exploitation? Now you may be wondering which one of these fierce warriors is causing rage quits and salty runbacks on servers across that globe. Those would be Tira and Voldo!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition for Nintendo Switch

Every now and then, it seems like Europe tends to be the red headed step child of the gaming world. For some odd reason unknown to man, Europe more often than not always winds up being last in line for the hot gaming titles. Some of my gaming homies across the pound often turn to sites such as Play Asia to skip the European Release date waiting lines. Looks like Arc Systems has had a change of heart with BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition for Nintendo Switch.