Awe of Me: Hi I’m Kikee

 Hallo! Konichiwa! Hello all gamers, anime fans, and lovers of all things nerdy. I am honored to join the Kumazoku family in providing you with my insight and review on the stuff your nerdy little heart desires. But before I get into what you can expect from me I ought to tell you about me you know? I’m Kikee (xoxoKikee_LaLiLuLeLo) and I’ve been actively playing games since the age of four. I have such a passion for them I am studying how to make them an am currently working on an indie 2d fighter with some friends.

So I’ve seen the most amazing master pieces, good bad and ugly when in comes to games. And I’ve done my homework on the booming indie industry so I have a lot of insight on this kind of stuff. I’ve been a nerd since the dawn of time, and when I’m not gaming I’m reading, drawing, studying, rocking out, or cooking. Oh and last but not least I can speak a good amount of German and am beginner level Japanese. So what should you expect from me?


More than just your run of the mill rant against the gaming industry or giving every AAA title a near perfect score. With me you’ll get a certain kind of honest. As a struggling college student working part time the last thing I want to do is advise my fellow nerd to waste their cash on a game that’s pretty much 50% DLC/ Micro transactions! I want the consumer to get their monies worth! When I review I look at the whole picture, not just what’s in front of me but how much you’re REALLY going to have to pay for the full gaming experience. I’m here to talk about the industry as a whole, give fair reviews and also to hear what you the consumers think! Oh and one more thing, I collect A LOT of video game and anime merch so expect to see that to!



Writer at Kumazoku Entertainment
Hallo! Konichiwa! Hello all gamers, anime fans, and lovers of all things nerdy.

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