Batman: Bad Blood Review

It seems that everyone wants to be the batman even when they are trying to be better than him. Some fail to realize how much of a toll it takes to put on the cape and be the symbol of justice. Some just feel they have the right to the mantle of the bat until things get congested or they get in the way of our famed hero which might lead to the downfall of Batman.


The first time ever to be in an animated movie is the crimson caped crusader Batwoman who first appeared in DC in the late 50’s as known as Kathy Kane, but was re-issued into the world of heroines with her Crimson hair. In Batman: Bad blood she decides to prove herself by not trying to be a part of Batman’s family, but to further her own name on her own. The difference between the two is she is a bat that uses firearms which of course goes against everything Batman stands for.


In her arrogance against this new foe also sporting Batman’s helmet, Kathy Kane may have caused the death of Batman which leads a City without his Dark Knight. At least it seems that way until what looks to be a new Batman resurfaces, but it is Dick Grayson with the young Damian/Robin fighting by his side. This is more of a comedic team up since Damian believes he can be a better Batman than his father. Hilarious as this is there is still problem of all these attacks on Gotham with one main agenda.

The Good:


I can’t deny that the animated Batman stories are always enjoyable to watch and in many ways more adult than the live action movies.

The combat alone is where my eyes get glued, because the animation goes above and beyond to do the right combat choreographs and seamless flow as a martial arts ballet. There are no more simple dodges with a counter, nope we are gifted with combos, evasions into more combos and of course intense finishing moves. It is as if I am watching a fighting game play out.

There are many that argue that Kevin Conroy is the best voice for batman, but he can’t do it forever and I do not expect him too. He was the first and shall always be the best and I have to say that the other voice actors such as Jason O’Mara have done a great job. Kathy Kane/Batwoman voiced by Yvonne Strahovski was a great choice. I loved her work in chuck and she did a great job on Batwoman, even the attitude fired back at Bruce/Batman was on point. Damian Wayne/ Robin voiced by Stuart Allen is always enjoyable and the conviction in his voice as the young bada** is quite humorous. Nightwing voiced by Sean Maher will always have my vote as Nightwing and I do hope he gets a standalone movie in the future, because there is a great story of how Robin became Nightwing.


In speaking of good stories we finally get an animated version of Batwing, which is not that much of a creative name, but an entertaining character none the less. Batwing/Luke Fox voiced by Gaius Charles was introduced during the “Batman Incorporated” comic book run. During that time many Bat characters were created all over the world to be that symbol in their own territory. Batwing was based in Africa part of the DC Comics Reboot and have now since has his own series.

How he favors in the animated movie was not bad at all, but probably would rub the comic fans the wrong way since his first start was in Africa and not Gotham. Either way he has his own attitude to the Bat family and being the only one with flight capability. He is a great addition.


As usual Alfred stole the show; I would love a story of his passed adventures before he retired. Hell even Nightwing acknowledged it in the movie which gave me a chuckle.

The Bad:


If you have not read the story you might enjoy it for some slight entertainment, but in that this was the weakest adaptation to a great series. There was this whole war for the mantle and crime was higher than usual for Gotham and everyone was pretty much lost. This was not the case in Bad Blood which takes a weird turn back to Talia Al Ghul.

I just felt the story could have been stronger and more of a dramatic beginning in killing of Batman not like when Darkseid killed him, but come to find out he was traveling through time. Battle for the Cowl was a great story and it seems this is just taking just a bit of that story from it. It is sad, but not a surprise that many of the DC stories are just loose adaptations of great comic books. This story just failed to deliver such greatness and even mixed in a bit of the death of Damian, which took another different turn.


It is best to leave your comic book mind at home and just enjoy it for what it is.



Batman: Bad Blood is just a cliff note to an amazing storyline and even though the action was up to par dealing with just Batman and the Bat Family. It was a bit dry and the story was a bit predictable at times. Also what’s with DC animated movies doing the same deal as the live action movies and killing off people? I understand the whole catch and release methods are unrealistic, but there are times when it is okay, especially after watching “The Red Hood” with batman giving awesome speech to Jason on how it is too damn easy to kill.

In that Batman: Bad Blood gets 3 paws out of 5.

It is not my favorite, but still will be added to my collection. I hope you enjoyed this review and please check back for more previews, news in all things gamer, geek and nerd related. Stay frosty!

Additional Info:
Directedy by Jay Olivia
Producer: James Tucker
Distribution: Warner Home Video
Production: Warner Bros. Animation
Run: 72 min.

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