Batman Ninja Movie Review

N.G here and it’s that time, It’s Batman Ninja time.


Batman, while fighting Grodd, somehow ends up in Japan, later learning that the joker has taken over after having joker themed samurai attack him. Lord Joker, as he wants to be called, has taken over. Now, what you don’t see in the beginning is that the Bat family was all there along with major players of Gotham: Penguin, Poison Ivy, Death Stroke, and Two Face. They were all fighting over Japan to unify it. It’s basically Oda Nobunaga’s story, but as the joker playing Oda.

So, without any tech, Batman must find his family that was time displaced with him. The thing is they could have been anywhere from 5 to 2 years ahead of him. The joker, mind you, is completely insane and is winning. Batman has to figure out what he can do to stop him after arriving into Edo era Japan. Ultimately, he has to remember who he is when he started being Batman all those years ago.

I won’t talk too much about it as because of spoilers.

But it’s Lord Batoman vs Lord Joker y’all!!

Bat-God seen as the Original Batman Suit

Art Direction

The art takes a page from the more recent Berserk anime. It still uses Japanese style art to push it in the direction and make it have that feel. The sky, the clouds, and water all use Japanese style of painting to relay that. Everything gets a Japanese twist:  everyone’s outfits get this new Japanese ninja themed looks thanks to the Bat Clan. Mind you it’s not bad, but it is expected as the title of the movie.

There are scenes done completely in a different style of Japanese art like Ukiyo-e and Sumi-e. It even takes the liberty of using Japanese calligraphy when introducing or changing a character’s name. Which to me was an interesting choice.

Nightwing discussing things with Batman


I’mma be honest; I didn’t hate the story. I deemed it interesting to see what Batman could do without his toys. I like the ninja themed outfits and Japanese Edo era hairstyles. And man, when the j-rap starts bumping, it is hype worthy. You just know something is about to go down. Most of the voice acting is spectacular, but I had an issue with it. This isn’t to say the voice acting is bad, but I’ll cover why in the cons next.

One last thing, Batman does ninpo hand gestures, and there is a throwback to the original Batman suit… I loved it!! Also, Alfred with a topknot?? My guy, he was styling on everybody!!


Now, what I didn’t like so much is the fact that (spoilers) there is a fucking 5-part mech, and it is on some Voltron/Power Ranger-like stuff. Like it’s Edo era Japan. How the hell did they develop a 5-part mech in that era?? How sway?

Also, I hate the Joker’s voice. It ain’t Mark Hamill, and that’s enough for me to think whoever is voicing the Joker isn’t doing so well. He kind of sounds like a toned-down Doctor Rockso from Metalocalypse. Now, there are moments where he portrays the Joker well, and it reminds me of the Joker I know and love. However, those moments are few and fleeting and tend to only happen when fighting he’s Batman. Any other time it’s a flamboyant over the top high-pitched voice like the actor is trying really hard to get that he’s the Joker, but the moment when that he puts some bass in his voice it’s like damn, shivers down my spine. Also, I can say whoever wrote for him definitely knew how to write jokes and that was his saving grace.

Another thing that bothered the living hell out of me was Robin. He stopped being the arrogant little brother that is able to do anything and everything put in front of him to this kid that is way too happy to be in a ninja war. Damian Wayne is arrogant, obnoxious, and full of himself. This one doesn’t seem like the kid that beat Red Hood in a fight and Red Robin at his own specialty. He just seems like an eager kid that wants to show his father he is worthy to be with him. It’s like playing God of War and listening to Atreus as he’s happy that he’s with his father and just some use to him and not a burden. This is a total script flip of the current boy wonder.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad movie. It was rather an interesting take on the series. Refreshing to see Batman in a space other than Gotham and without all the tech that makes him the Batman in this era of comics. This showed that no matter what, Batman can still get the job done even if time’s displaced. While it shows it in a movie format, this was already done once before in the comics. Honestly, I say check it out if you’re a Batman fan. It doesn’t disappoint, and this is coming from a Nightwing/Red Hood fan.

Demon Lord Joker

Catwoman Explaining what is going on to Batman


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