Batman Vs. Darth Vader: Damn Right it Ended That way

Honestly, whoever thought that this was a good idea or even thought Batman had a chance in the first place has strong hopes. I am still laughing at the fact that Superman was captured in the first place, but the first time I heard Super Powered Beat Downs working on a Batman vs. Darth Vader project. I just went, “Huh?” because it is a no contest fight, but since the battles are based on fan votes I was a bit worried. However this battle was pretty darn decent, but it should of ended a lot sooner *laughs*.



I could nitpick about this battle till I lose breath, but I am going to leave it be because the end result is all that matters. I am sorry Batman fans, but he is not that great against everyone and now we can add Darth Vader to one that has defeated him. Also we can add Superman to that list since he has been captured. The effects and visuals were top notch and you get an A for amazing show.


Okay there is one thing I need to nitpick about…how the hell did he know about lightsabers and knew it was important to obtain one to fight an opponent he had no clue about? I will let the EMP slide because he is always equipped with that, but dammit I will not accept him being able to wield a lightsaber! I refuse. In that check out more of Bat in the Sun’s videos. Stay frosty!


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