Battlefield V Embarks to WW II

It is time to rock and roll people as we go to World War II yet again in Battlefield V which was the big reveal. I have to say that when it was finally stated that it will be in World War II, my reaction was a bit on the disappointed side because I am a Fan of the style of Battlefield 4, however, things change once we dive right into the nitty-gritty of the game. But first, let us check out that trailer.

So, not much was stated in that reveal trailer and the cast hosted by Trevor Noah didn’t go too deep into much, but my homie gave me some full details that some of you may have missed or didn’t research about. Thankfully this beast is here to aid you in your quest for gaming information.

The Battlefield V will take us in the multiplayer setting of World War II, we know that and it will take place in France, Norway, Rotterdam and a new location of the North African Dessert. We shall be gifted with a new and untold story for gamers to get immersed into while checking out these locations while in battle. Another cool feature will be a co-op mode called combined arms which will have four players in a scenario randomly generated missions that you the players will have to take on, but not much else is revealed for that.

There will also be a single player in War Stories which will focus on lesser-known WWII tales which will give players a fresh new experience never before explored. it will feature the same structure that I loved in Battlefield 1 which you will switch between different characters paving the way for the story. It was one the best experiences I had with Battlefield and gave me a rich interactive cinematic experience that I hope will be translated again in BF V. They will not be holding back this time around since one story revolves around a resistance fighter who will lay down her life to save their family. What is this unthinkable price that they are teasing about which will take place in 1943 Normandy? We will have to wait and see.

The next bit of information that I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine is there will be no premium pass. This means all the maps will be free which many players were asking or and in some cases whining for a long time. The premium passes were not too bad which gave a lot of incentives as well granted some nice DLC, but will this bring the cost of the game higher?

It’s all about that sweet destruction baby and one feature that my homie Lady Arsenic mentioned there will be massive improvements to bullet penetration. That wall will not save you anymore as you will be able to use the jackhammer tactic to bring down walls or just shoot through them as it should have been. As a support class, I am actually pumped to hear about the improvements and upgrades. Having a toolbox will give my team a great advantage as my class will be the only one to be able to build defensive and offensive items.

There will be a new form of challenge in revives which anyone that is not a medic can perform a revive, but it will take a lot longer and if you are in combat that will be risky. They are really going for a team-oriented experience with everyone having to work together as a unit to gain the victory. Battlefield has always gone above and beyond when it came to military combat and they definitely knew what it meant to work as a squad.

However, I would suggest checking out Jack Frags 25 minute video going into full detail on Battlefield V’s reveal which you can click on the link right here. Honestly, I am going to get on board this hype train as I am interested in the story mode a lot and I like the ideas they have for the support class, but I do want a Modern Day Battlefield game again. This will do in the meantime if they ever decide to give us that again.

I hope you enjoyed and please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Are you excited? – Beast Out

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