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So, I heard from the grapevine there have been a lot of players complaining that there was not enough information on BFV and luckily enough I have a lot of friends that are big wig Battlefield experts, but they shall remain nameless as they are secret soldiers and are under strict code. In that let’s see what the great developers of EA have to share with us all.

As usual, there will be negative and positive feedback when it comes to Alpha afterthoughts, but at least the developers take the critics and give us what we need to know which gives them props.

Minimizing Long Term Player Friction:

“Battlefield V is built to live on as a service – the need to minimize long-term fatigue & reasons to stop playing is a bigger priority than ever. We chose to focus on this not only because it makes for a better game for all players – but because it was clear from feedback and data alike that this was a top issue, and in some cases the needs were made bigger by some the design choices we’ve made for the game (One example: Soldier Visibility & No active spotting so players don’t solely rely on the UI for enemy identification).” – Braddock512

I am not going to lie to you the reader and even pretend I know what Braddock was talking about, but he does lay down some bullet points to shed some light on the subject.

Within this area, these were the key goals:

  • Soldier Visibility
    Are soldiers visible from a gameplay perspective at all times that they are supposed to?
    Example: During severe weather we want players to be difficult to see (severe fog at a distance etc.), but in general they should be easy to see.
  • Soldier Team Separation
    How can I tell friend from foe in a natural and reactionary manner?
  • World Visibility Enjoyment
    How can we use extreme weather, heavy screen space effects other potentially long-term gameplay fatiguing features in the best possible way?
  • Physical Soldier Experience Quality
    An area sporting an impressive amount of new innovations, improvements and changes, clearly worthwhile based on Closed Alpha data & feedback now needed to reach full quality.
    Starting from the most common and top occurring issues (in average play), working our way across the game we set out to create a smooth and seamless experience in the most important and impactful areas for Open Beta.
    For example, the experiences when spawning, dying, reviving, getting revived and the transitions between them.

I like what they are listing here and or questioning, but some things I never had a problem with especially telling from friend and foe, in many of my matches I usually check my fire before firing on an opponent especially when they are from a distant. Also, I am more close combat than anything since I am always in the support class role.


What was Focused on?

Within this area, these were the key goals:

  • Death Experience Quality
    The Squad spawn screen (or “Parrot Cam” as we lovingly dubbed it internally) and the downed state changes were some of the very last additions to the Closed Alpha build, and it shows quality wise – The Death Experience in the Alpha was far from where it needed to be. The general concept was very much validated and showed the promise we were after however.
    Reaching quality across this whole system (including Revives) became a top priority for Open Beta.
  • Squad Engagement Tempo – Peaks & Lulls
    Using the Squad and it’s life loop as a base – we want to utilize all our systems to ensure engagements have clear beginnings, middles, and ends. With the explicit goal of creating a natural place for our non-combat systems to shine in gameplay (things like Building fortifications, Buddy Reviving, Re-Stocking Ammo & Health Supplies, Repairing vehicles etc.).
    For example: If you win the engagement fighting over an objective against one or more enemy squads, you should expect a brief lull in action before the next engagement begins.
  • Gunplay – Time To Kill & Time To Death
    Always a pretty controversial subject – and the key to the general tempo of the game – Time to Kill and Death is something we are very keen on getting just right.
    Closed Alpha #1 gave us lots of good feedback on general Gunplay – but at the same time, we had feedback about dying too quickly…This meant that we were in a spot where shooting and killing enemies felt good (and in extension the guns), but on the receiving end, some players felt they had too little time to react to incoming damage. This puts us in an awkward spot, as these things are in many cases tightly integrated, and changing one risks messing up the other and vice-versa.

Seems like this was a tough area for the developers to really narrow down. The one thing I appreciated was the idea of a breather after you successfully take over a point. That should be a grand reward after each point is taken as we take time to breathe and restock our equipment to prepare for the next wave.

“Enter Closed Alpha #2: Adding an additional A/B test in which we could test a distinctly different approach to the first Closed Alpha TTK & TTD. With this test, we could now gather telemetry data and player feedback against the exact same game – and get a much better picture of what is needed to find our coveted balance.”

StG 44
We increased vertical recoil on this weapon to better balance its potential. Damage is unchanged to make sure it does not get crushed between SMGs, Semi Autos and SLRs.

  • Increased initial vertical recoil from 0.45 to 0.57
  • Decreased maximum vertical recoil from 0.87 to 0.78

Gewehr 43
Like on the StG, we increased vertical recoil to be more adequate for its power. We also removed its ability to kill with one head shot and one body shot at any range. This is necessary to make sure the ZH-29 is not outclassed by the Gewehr 43 at range.

  • Moved to Assault class
  • Increased initial vertical recoil from 1.0 to 1.2
  • Increased vertical recoil increment from 0.25 to 0.4 per shot fired at maximum ROF
  • Increased maximum vertical recoil from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Decreased minimum damage to 34. Maximum range at which one head and one body shot are lethal is now 50 meters

Besides damage, changes are minor. The EMP has become slightly harder to use in preparation for weapon progression upgrades. Its sustained fire accuracy has been increased slightly. The biggest issue of this gun in the alphas was it being an SMG with a 1x sight on a map where range mattered.

  • Moved to Medic
  • Increased initial vertical recoil from 0.38 to 0.46
  • Increased maximum vertical recoil from 0.57 to 0.66
  • Decreased horizontal recoil from 0.4 to 0.35
  • Increased 6 hit kill range from 35 to 50 meters
  • Increased 7 hit kill range from 50 to 70 meters

Besides damage, changes are minor. The MP40 has become slightly harder to use in preparation for weapon progression upgrades.

  • Increased initial vertical recoil from 0.34 to 0.40
  • Increased maximum vertical recoil from 0.51 to 0.60
  • Increased 6 hit kill range from 35 to 50 meters
  • Increased 7 hit kill range from 50 to 70 meters

The Bren was noticeably underperforming in the first closed alpha. While this was improved with higher damage in the second alpha, we decided to keep the damage of the first alpha and instead improved its accuracy in sustained fire. We think this is a more consistent solution and a better fit for a ranged LMG.

  • Decreased aimed stationary dispersion from 0.3 to 0.2
  • Decreased horizontal recoil from 0.6 to 0.38
  • Firing after sprinting now takes 300 instead of 400 ms

We think the trajectory changes of the second alpha were a bad fit for the Kar98k specifically. We will keep the trajectory of the first alpha, which is very similar to the M98B of BF3 and BF4 in terms of where leading and drop compensation starts to matter. We will use velocity as a differentiating factor between the Kar98k and other sniper rifles, like the Lee-Enfield. Other sniper rifles will have a trajectory similar to the Kar98k of the second alpha. Maximum damage and damage drop-off end were reduced slightly to reduce the amount of body shot kills on wounded players.

  • Reduced maximum damage from 80 to 75
  • Reduced damage drop-off end from 80 to 60 meters

P38 Pistol
Rate of fire was too low and has been increased. Aimed accuracy has been increased.

  • Increased rate of fire from 299 to 359
  • Decreased aimed stationary dispersion from 0.4 to 0.3
  • Decreased aimed moving dispersion from 0.45 to 0.4

However, with the rest of the briefing, I will leave for you to check out as there is a lot to go through, but as my friend stated you wanted the information on BF V and you got your wish. This is full-on boardroom report that is available here on this link. Also, we do have some open Beta details for those that do not know.

“The Open Beta opens to the public on September 6 and runs until September 11. Pre-load starts on September 3. Want in early and get a full week of access? If you subscribe to either EA Access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier, or pre-order** a copy of Battlefield V, you’ll get to join the Open Beta early, on September 4. To summarize, here are the dates you should make a note of.”

Open Beta Details as Followed:

September 3, 1 am PT (10 am CET)

September 4, 1 am PT (10 am CET)

September 6, 1 am PT (10 am CET)

September 11, 7 am PT (4 pm CET)

Smart move on their part to not always hold a closed beta giving more players a chance to check it out, but try take advantage in the early access. Battlefield V will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows which you can pre-order at which helps us out in the long run.


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