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Greetings gamers and for those that had a long 4th of July weekend, welcome back. I took some time to recollect myself and have some fun during my time off. Decided to dive back into Shadow PC while still using GeForce Now. So, why not do a compare and contrast between the two cloud gaming services. Been on GeForce Now for a while now and Shadow PC has been hitting with with massive ads, so why not check it out. 

Geforce Now Vs. Shadow PC

The video above is just a quick synopsis of my experience with both cloud gaming pc services. This will be slightly more detail run down of both services where we shall start with the green warrior Geforce Now. Going to keep this fair and informative as possible which I will also go into how they have similar issues in certain categories. If you are still here great and thank you for the support. 

The Good with GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a product of Nvidia which makes top-notch graphics cards and of course the home console Nvidia Shield. I loved the handheld system when it first came out and the shield itself is a great device. However, Nvidia wanted to expand more for gamers, especially for those that can’t afford gaming PCs. Here with GeForce Now you can use another gaming PC on their end with your strong internet connection over the cloud to play games you own. This service is limited to Steam, Blizzard and whatever games are available on their list. 

The FPS is smooth and I have pushed the graphics to the highest and it works well. My computer is old, but can still handle some of the low-end content. However, GeForce now is a blessing helping me play flawlessly with Overwatch, Grip, all of the Call of Duties, and many other titles. They will keep adding new games, especially listening to gamers request. 

The Bad for GeForce Now:

The game limitations are annoying. As a content creator for video games, I need to have full accessibility with when it comes to all games. Mind you many content creators already have their high-end equipment, but speaking for those that still do not have the means would like to be able to play a lot of new or old content. GeForce now hits a wall when it comes to this as before the update you had no problems installing games from Steam. 

This also becomes a popularity contest if your new game doesn’t get added to the list just because the masses don’t love it as much as you do. You can request your game, but the waiting will kill you and you won’t get a response on your request which turns into a waiting game and if you bought it without confirming then you will lose money. So, look at the well-detailed list of available games

Side Thought:

Now, this may or may not be definite but I am reading that GeForce Now will not be a monthly service but time played service. Meaning a Session will cost you a certain amount an hour. I don’t think that is correct because as much time as many gamers play that would be quite expensive. This was from Forbes last year stating that “20 hours of gameplay would cost you $25 dollars.” If that is true that would be a wicked bill from some of us. 

Right now GeForce Now is still in Beta for both Mac and PC and if you want to read my buddies review of the Mac version you can click here. 

The Good of Shadow PC

YOU CAN PLAY EVERYTHING! That pretty much sold me on the concept where you get a mirror or your system and are capable of playing any game you may own across all the PC. I even tested a few emulators as well which was pretty sweet. I so far had a great time playing all my Steam titles that were able to download and of course my Microsoft Game Pass games, especially Gears of War 4 which was over 100 GB download. 

I utilized my second screen to do some recording using OBS studios and if you want you can expand the limited hard drive space over IP which Shadow can access an external hard drive from your home computer. The price point to start is $9.95 for ten days and then after your ten days are up it is $24 which is a “Meh” for me. For what you can do not so bad and there are promo codes to make the next payment ten dollars off. 

The Bad of Shadow PC

My first issue is no plug and plays for my PS4 controller even though there is a File option that recognizes the PS4 adapter. I still had to download the DS4 program so I could play the games. That was an issue, but at times there will be some Frame drops which I feel that the PC on their end is doing a bit much. I am also worried about the accessibility of my passwords. I am sure there are many plans to safeguard your information, but it is still in the back of my head. 

It has improved a lot since I first used Shadow, so I am hoping more developments as time passes. 

Similar Issue between the two

That hard drive limitation is the only thing they have in common with Shadow taking a slight advantage. For GeForce Now, you will have to uninstall and reinstall a particular title like swapping cartridges. That can be tasked to deal with in terms of how long it takes to download. I kid you not, many of us have huge hard drives just for particular games and that includes the recent steam sale which many games are not compatible with GeForce Now. 

Beast Final Verdict:

Two of these cloud services are quite enjoyable and they both offering an exciting PC gaming experience that no PC Master Race will hold over your head anymore. However, I will have to go with Shadow PC since it offers access to all the games from the jump and as a monthly service, it is costly if you tally the yearly cost. However, you get the enjoyment which dismisses the cost. 

Do not get me wrong GeForce Now has potential if it opens up its game library a bit better. I rather use the GeForce Now service instead of mirroring my PC and no need to open up another PC. I still have full utilization of my PC just using a simple program.  

In that Shadow PC takes the Win by 1 point. I hope you enjoyed this quick review and to be fair to GeForce Now. It is limited because as many of you know there are many PC game launchers out there. It is more of a contract thing with Epic, Origin and so many others. But they do not offer a cloud game streaming service. 

You can sign up for the wait list by clicking here

I want to hear your thoughts on these two programs and which do you prefer. We still have more cloud services that are coming out so we shall see. – Beast Out – 

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