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What is going on readers? I don’t know about you but New York used to have many arcades and gaming chill spots. You meet with friends, pay for a few hours, get snacks and enjoy either PC’s and consoles together. They were gaming cafes which were awesome, but we have not had any in a while. However, there has been some pop-up spots and one of them currently in Brooklyn is the New York Excelsior’s NYXL Lan cafe. Let’s check it out.

NYXL All Are Welcome!

First things first, big props for giving love to Brooklyn and now we open the doors and what does this Beast see? Two friendly security guards that ask bag check which is standard and I appreciate that then I am hearing some great anime music blasting. All right, so far so good and boom behold there are 32 Omen PC’s hooked up from HP. Not only that we have a few classics with a Gamecube having Smash Bros, N64 with a few cool titles. Then defend the north PS4’s with Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection, Fortnite, Injustice 2, FIFA 19 and Street Fighter V.

Not only that if you want to go a bit low tech you have GIGANTIC UNO! That is right because when you slam those draw fours or skips you can fan your competition away with some swoop! There is also Jenga and GIGANTIC CONNECT 4…why because. I don’t know about that one because that hilarious and the chips are heavy. There is also the mental game of strategy and patients with Chess. You have options to stimulate that brain meat with an assortment of games.

On the PC side, you will have your choice of Overwatch, Smite, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Fortnite. The admission is pretty good where you get to play for $10 an hour, if you are a student with I.D. it is $5 and if you are going to join the tournament that is a $5 dollar fee for the day. Yes, they do hold tournaments which from what I am told it will upgrade from 4V4 to 6V6 which makes sense since the competition is more intense with more players. The excitement was real when I was there Saturday night.

Friendly Space is a Good Space!

You have questions the staff is there to help you out. It was a friendly environment where on the game side of things people were there to help out and answer any questions about the space. At times they would even join in with you on some games if you are looking for someone to play with. There nothing more I can say that it was comfortable being around there without feeling rushed. They wanted you to relax and have a great time.

It is also a friendly space for streamers which you can use their streaming equipment freely for a certain amount of time. That way you can build up an extra audience using their space and their gear. Nicely done on that.

Represent the Gear!

On the other side of the space is the official NYXL store where you can get new era fitted hats, beanies, acquire pins, t-shirts, jackets. Pretty much gear to represent the Excelsior team, pretty good for fans. But the gear itself is nice. I purchased a Beanie because it was colder than a Yetti’s cave out there and some pins to add to my bag and hat. NYXL is in collaboration with Melody Ehsani as well as bringing back their Capsule collection with Undefeated. Since this place is only open on the weekends you might want to hop on this before it is gone. You can make online purchases here store NYXL.

Short Time Fun…

The only drawback from this is that the NYXL Lan Cafe is only going to be around until December 23rd. They are only open on weekends which is a great thing so starting Friday all the way up until Sunday.

Hours of Operations:

  • Friday: 2PM-12AM
  • Saturday: 12PM-12AM
  • Sunday: 12PM-8PM

Inside you will have snacks to purchase as well and a nice seating area to recharge your fuel or check out the local delis in the area. But being that it is a shopping area your food choices are good. In that special shout out to YounG_Kev and Samira Behrouzan for being amazing and providing a lot of details. Be sure to visit NYXL which is located on 472 Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn NY. If you are out of town definitely make your way and get your game on! I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you visit and if you have share thoughts in the comments area below. – Beast Out


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