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Yup, we received a free controller to review thanks to Brook Games and I just wanted to get that out the way for reasons that people may feel deceived. All right with that being said let’s talk gaming and let’s talk about the tools we use to perform such amazing god-like skills. I have said for years that it is not the controller but the user behind the controller that sets the bar between newb and hardcore gamer. It all comes down to all these different controllers that claim to offer precision inputs and enhances your performance. A few gamers shared the same thought that I did when I was younger, because instead of something that enhances you why not a controller that can be played on all systems like a universal remote? We getting there folks.

Many companies have tried, but Brook has been trying to bridge the consoles for a while with some USB devices that allow you to play your favorite controller on another console and now we have the Mars Wired Controller which you will be able to play on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. Here is a quick video breaking down my thoughts.

*Sidenote: I do apologize for video quality on PS3, I still need to get the to find the parts for the Elgato since I moved*

Real plug and play action right off the back with nothing to stress about configurations or syncing. The only system that requires a minor tweak is Nintendo Switch which I was given a heads up about which you will have to Press L1 on the controller then plug into Switch’s USB-C slot. At this moment, Enable Pro Wired communication > ON. That is pretty simple nothing to big to worry about.

Now I chose a few titles that would put the controller to the input test and if it will stress my hand since it is a different design from the PlayStation controllers. I choose Shank 2, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Need for Speed 2015 on the PS4 and Destiny 2 on the PS4. I was impressed, but I did have a slight disadvantage because the controller did feel a bit foreign to me. The shoulder buttons are designed like the Xbox One which was familiar but felt a bit stiff at first. Sometimes you have that situation where you have to break in new tech to get that comfort. However, the triggers are my favorite since they are grooved the right way which is comfortable for FPS players like me as well as racing games. It is a bit longer and wider than the PS4 and PS3 controller which rest well for my fingers.

The sound quality using the headset adapter worked like a charm, but I was reminded that PS3 didn’t have that feature which is not all bad. I did play a few PC titles that worked just as well playing Mutant Football League as well Ruiner and Sonic All Star Racing Transformed. Now this made me curious, but I will have to check on this thought another time, but sadly the controller was not compatible with the Sony Remote Play that I often use to record footage. The remote play only recognizes official PlayStation 4 controllers, but I took a shot and failed. However, since the controller is recognized as an Xbox Gamepad, I was wondering if it could work on the Xbox One Remote Play through Windows?


The Mars Wired Controller is a buy in my book, it feels comfortable and being able to play on four different platforms is a nice feature. Also good for tournament players that may switch between different systems. I am not going to say this controller is something to enhance your gameplay, but more about consolidating on controllers and saving money that. This controller goes for $44.99 which most would expect something of this nature to go more than your current controllers that are $65 and above. This affordable all-around tech is fine by me and since I do have multiple consoles convenient is a plus. Now I am hoping in the future they might make one with Xbox support, but you have to take what you can get at the moment.

In that I give it 4.5 out of 5 paws, it works, it is sturdy, the input has improved being that it is a wired controller and since the wire detaches it is good for easy travel and don’t have to worry about tangTouchpadh pad works well, but I could not figure out the purpose of the simulator which is done by holding down the touchpad and using the right analog to simulate for combo keys on PS4.

I hope you enjoyed this review and please head on over to to purchase this device which is available right now. Also head on over to Brook Games website by clicking on this link to check out their other products. – Beast Out


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  1. KY Donis says:

    Im getting this wire is better then wireless cause my wife never charges the remotes good review

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