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Time to pull all the cards down and go into a whole new wave of battling. Welcome to the new stage of card battles with Teppen coming from Capcom. This is a fighting game that pits all of the Capcom universes against one another. I did a video review just for you to give you a quick thought on the whole new game. Please enjoy! 

Teppen Pro’s:

In this section, we touch base on good qualities? What makes Teppen stand out. 

  • Intriguing unique storyline – In Teppen it seems there is a new force that is bringing all of Capcom’s universe into one world. 
  • Quick at the Draw – There is not much time to think or stall because if you do that is the end of your fight. Be quick and anticipate your opponent’s cards. 
  • Counter the Counter – Effect cards are your friend and if you load them up properly they will help you in your darkest hour. Place an effect card to enhance, stop or defend comes a long way, but be ready if your opponent drops a counter, but you can counter their counter in a certain amount of time. 
  • Edit and Share – Whatever decks you make you can improve upon in the editor for each of the eight characters. 
  • Earn Before you Buy – So far I have yet to spend IRL money on the game, it is quite easy in this early stage to earn enough zenny and cores to pick up decks. However, I do plan on picking up the season pass which is 980 jewels or roughly 9 dollars. However, there is a special deal going on for 1500 Jewels for $4.99. The most expensive is $79.99 which grants you 12500 jewels.
Teppen Con’s:
  • Limitation to 8 – Honestly this is just nitpicking, I am sure they are going to add more main characters later, but for now you are just stuck with 8. 
  • I’ve got nothing negative else to say. 
Final Beast Thought: 

It is a download as said in my video, this game is super fun and the animations are great too look at. Especially when you use your super against the opponent, it is so gratifying. I enjoy how you have to be at the ready at all times and when your opponent is stuck on what to do next, you got them in the hole or so you think. The best part is the unpredictable situations. You could be up by 10 points and end up under your opponent. Keep in mind you both start off in ranked matches at 30 points. Hit zero and you lose, but I wonder if you can end a match in a tie. Like a Double K.O.?

Teppen gets my final decision of DOWNLOAD IT! Great job Capcom and you can download this now on iOS and Android devices. Hit me up to conduct some matches sometime. If you are playing please share your thoughts and maybe we can share decks. – Beast Out – 

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