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Who loves a fighting game based on your favorite anime or manga? I know I do and I am not going to lie, but I wasn’t a fan of My Hero Academia at first. It didn’t have a strong start for me but now I have finished all three seasons waiting for more. Now comes My Hero One’s Justice available for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. In this review, we shall be playing on the PC version so get your quirks ready for this one.

My Hero One’s Story:

You will venture off into story mode during the My Hero Academia series. You will take note of some of the story arcs including how it begins with All Might and All For One’s final showdown. As you progress through the story you will have a different task in order to get S rank. This is the highest rank that you will need to obtain the many rewards. It is a good mode to get to know all the characters throughout the game outside of training.

Sadly there are no full animation scenes which are a bummer. You will have still motion dialogue that you can set to auto or just skip. I would like to direct you to our video review below.

Let’s Summarize:


My Hero One’s Justice has amazing visuals and great action that will keep you glued. There are many heroes and villains to choose from and you will have to learn how each has an advantage. In terms of taking the advantage, you will need to utilize the assist buttons accordingly. This reminds me of the Marvel vs. series with the same notion. Since I am on the PS4 you will use the L2 and R2 buttons to release a sidekick. Use this as a tactical advantage if someone has you in a combo you can’t break out of. The key is to know your character.

I am on PS4, I know I said that already just want to be clear. You have your Square, Triangle and Circle button. X, of course, will allow you to jump, R1 is blocking and L1 is for your dash. Since I used Shoot Style Deku I utilized 3 Square 2 Circle into a Dash Cancel 2 Square ending in 2 Circle. Go into training and find out who works for you the best.

Some assist characters are good for distance while others are good for close range. I would insist on having a mixture of both to take the advantage. Once done with story mode the battle continues in mission mode and arcade mode (if purchased). All of these modes will gain you more profile customs and of course character custom items. What for do you ask? Well, when you go into a ranked match you can either purchase or unlock items to make your character unique. That way you can show your opponents that you have both skill and style.

In the end, there is a lot of replay value.


There will be a lot of cheap antics when fighting in My Hero One’s Justice which takes away the fun for me. It kind of reminds of power stone in a way. Right when the match begins the opponent immediately runs away from you like a 5-year old that has something that doesn’t belong to them. Then it begins the random jump around as it tries to find a cheap opening into a flurry of crazy combos. The worst of it is that even if you are in the middle of taking advantage and ready to use an Ultra Quirk. It can be stopped by a regular attack which makes no sense. I can understand you blocking me, but when you are charging in the middle of my Ultra that should be an auto connect. Not in this game and that is pretty cheap.


Is My Hero One’s Justice worth the $59.99 price tag plus the DLC? I would have to say yes, besides my pains of the crazy combat the game is still fun for fans. You can always get into local battles as well to train and enjoy each character. There is a lot of things to do and unlock and the trophies are not that difficult either. I would highly recommend the Nintendo Switch Version for this so you can enjoy at home and on the go.

I give it 3.5 paws out of 5. You can pick up My Hero One’s Justice now by clicking here and be sure to check out our Extra Life stream this weekend. – Beast Out –

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