Beast Tackles Jump Force Open Beta

Jump Force is one the anticipated games coming from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Features the Shonen Jump Roster with some additions to keep any fan happy with dream match ups. It was a 3 day only Beta event with a few different schedules around and I didn’t stream but did do a lot of recording. Shall we dive into Jump Force? Is beast going to be all in on release date? Find out now on Kuzoku Entertainment.


The worlds Collide in Jump Force

On Jump, you will have to pick a set of customized characters and no you were not able to customize your own. This part of the game reminds me of the Xenoverse live area where you get to walk around and interact with other players. Each area will have a different set of booths for online play. You can walk freely until you are ready to start a match. 

This is where you make your team and when I first started I had Uzamaki Naruto, Kenshin Himura, and Kenshiro. Fighting in Times Square and you have your light, heavy and grab attacks. There is a charge button to fill up your meter and then you have your escape button. It is all quite simple. Of course, you can switch between characters with a cooldown or use them as an assist. 

Time to Throw Hands

I will admit from the start I don’t see this being worth the 60 dollar price tag. The combat can be repetitive after round 1. You can string combos so easily and topple your opponent into submission at ease. It is the give chase and then strike back attack that I am not a fan of. It is can get interesting, but mostly it gives off fan service. I feel as if the moves can be a bit stiff and I didn’t know why the main super was locked out at times and would show up randomly. 

There are 4 sets of power-ups to do with Triangle, Square, Circle for a grab super and the ultimate attack with X. Meter maxes out at 5 so use it wisely. It is the same style that I have played since the Naruto Games debut when I had it on the Xbox 360. There is nothing wrong with that fight mechanic, but it seems it has not evolved much since then. 

The main problem I have is the graphics of the Unreal engine, it doesn’t sit well with me. I liked the Cell Shaded version or the anime style of what came from Dragon Ball FighterZ. It would be hard to adjust to that since all the animes involved have different styles. 

Other than that the Beta ran good and clean got a few good matches with some humans. I always like when a game as a practice mode before a match to keep you playing instead of just waiting. Great feature, even with its huge roster I say the game should be $30 maybe $40 dollars at least. 

Am I in on release

This beast will put a paw in and try it out just for fun definitely would get it for a fan, but I have other Bandai Games I will dabble into. This is definitely a play it at least and that’s about it. If you have tried the demo let me know your thoughts on it. Jump Force drops on February 12th, 2019 and be sure to pre-order here. – Beast Out – 

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