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The sequel to one of the best FPS experiences has finally shed some light and this past weekend many gamers were gifted with a beta code to test drive Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I guess the best way to start any preview or thoughts post is with some gameplay footage yes? All right luckily we have a video just for you.

Not going to lie, I came into Mirror’s Edge Catalyst quite confused, not going to bullsh*t you the fans by claiming that I knew it all going in, but after some research this is what Ermagard explained about Catalyst.

I think what we [at DICE] felt was that we wanted a more fleshed out world, a larger world that was more detailed and textured than the original game had,” he continued. “Also, we had new art direction–it had been eight years since the first game, so I think a lot of people felt that it was time to take the elements that we felt worked with the first game, and then use them to then expand upon that to do this game. People shouldn’t expect to understand any sort of connection to the first game. This is its own thing.

Now it all makes sense to me why her tattoo is gone and it seems she is younger. So, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is technically a reboot or as stated a re-imagining of the first game. I am okay with that somewhat because I would like to know what happened after the events of the first game with Faith and her cop sister, but maybe they have something better planned. There are some hints that Faith did something drastic for a corrupt businessman before being sent to jail. All that aside it seems there is something sinister going on and we are going to be caught up running for our lives in a deeper grounded story.

Gameplay as a Runner:


This is all about the Parkour experience and finding the best and fastest route to your destination. Here is where things get tricky because there will be some missions that are timed and don’t be like me and get frustrated about the time that someone else has. It will throw you into a frenzy and then comes to the rage quitting moment. Given that, I realized that I am all about the Mirror’s Edge experience more than the time challenges. The cool part is discovering the world of the Glass City and the fantastic things you can do to get to said areas. I did find that my response time somewhat slowed down as I am free-running, but that just means you have to have precision timing when leaping, sliding and timing your executions. I have spent a whole hour trying to make it in some challenges in the top percentage studying different routes and of course my button execution, until the point of rage-quitting a few times.

That is not a bad thing, it just means that this is a game that will push your brain to figure out the puzzle in mirror’s edge. There are many routes to take and your best bet is not to take the recommended route since it is the slower. I tried switching between default and alternate control schemes trying to get a faster response, but just was not happening. It is a beta after all.

Can she Fight?


Damn right she can. In the first game it was all about evading and disarming, but now you will have to stand your grown and it is quite fun. Using the added focus meter you can utilize your dodge to get behind stronger opponents that you can’t take on face to face. Once that is done you simply use a hard attack kicking them into a certain direction. I tend to fight close to the edge so I can kick some unlucky a**hat off the ledge of the building. Yes, let them parkour off of that situation for a bit.

It becomes even better when you are in the middle of running and have to keep up the pace while kicking the officers around as they will try to stop you. There is a simple light attack execution as you run through, but timing is everything and I do mean before and after an initial move, but I will show you a clip below.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen first try…after two tries…don’t judge me!



This is how long a demo should be. It was not just some quick 30 minutes, it took us into the world and let us play around for a while. We had a small glimpse of the story and then go forth and have fun running around. There is an after image session where you can see your fellow gamers while you are free running called an “Echo”. You can’t access this feature, but should be interesting when it does release. In that got my interest and now let us see what the final product will look like. Check back to see our review or better hit add your e-mail on the sidebar to stay updated on the latest post. Stay frosty!

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