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Hey there internutz, and oooh boy! What we got here for you today is simply mind blowing!

It has only been one week since Battlefield 1’s DLC launched for premium, and already there are 6 Easter Eggs found on all 4 maps. Just to be clear, there’s is no known connection with The Morse Code Easter Egg, where you had to decode a special code given to each player. No, these are simply little tokens of appreciation to the @BFEEcommunity from DICE, or so it seems.

It is suspected, however, that The Phantom Program will be back online after March 28th, the date that DLC will be available to all.

Back to the gems,

This one is creepy, it is found in “Fort de Vaux”, just outside of Objective Butters (Conquest). You can see the video below.

This was one of the first to be found and the speculations behind it, are that this links to WW1 stories, a specific one called “The Attack of The Dead Men” the Russian zombies of 1915.

On this same map, there are a series of “Vinyl Records” that are, as what is known to this date to be 5 locations. It only spawns 1 each round tho. So you may have to try several times if you can’t see it the first time you try.

The Record reads “LES REQUINS, YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER MOAT” Could this be a reference to Battlefield 4’s Megalodon Easter Egg? Or the dev behind it? Only time will tell.

Over at the “Rupture” side, there are two easter eggs as well, but this one, in particular, is special in my opinion, it represents the fine architecture of Sweden Villages.


They are tiny, however, so have fun exploring the map jumping around the poppy fields.

The other Easter Egg found on this map it’s a saber sword and it can actually be equipped!! You can slice your enemies and go mayhem supporting the new elite class that was introduced in this DLC.

But there’s a catch tho, you can only have it until you die, after that it resets and you have to go through the drill again. Do note that this saber is available as part of the new Puzzle pieces that drop randomly in the battlepacks.

There are literally Easter Egg baskets in Soissons, these aren’t interactable nor can they be destroyed. Just baskets with colorful eggs… Moving on…

And last but not least, we have as what is know as “The Up Easter Egg” from the Disney® movie “Up“. You can see our first reactions with Blazed Maniac, a.k.a. LadyArsenic, in the video below.

And that’s all, for now, guys and gals. I want to give a shout out to “/u/ChaosZake” for discovering the existence of the balloon house, “Shadow6ix and friends” for proving that the Easter Egg is functional and to all the @BFEEcommunity. If you want to know more about locations and step by step on how to find these locations, get to the BFEE discord channel and become part of the community.

Thank you @BLaZeD_MaNiAc_ for helping me with this post.

Keep on rocking world!

This is minddust_1792 signing off.


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  1. Lady Arsenic (BLaZeD MaNiAc) says:

    Tip for, through the tulips… 🙂 the stuff we do at 2am lmao

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