BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition for Nintendo Switch

Every now and then, it seems like Europe tends to be the red headed step child of the gaming world. For some odd reason unknown to man, Europe more often than not always winds up being last in line for the hot gaming titles. Some of my gaming homies across the pound often turn to sites such as Play Asia to skip the European Release date waiting lines. Looks like Arc Systems has had a change of heart with BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition for Nintendo Switch.

It was announced by PQube has announced that BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition will be arriving in Europe on February 8, which is one day after the Japanese Release Date. For those of you still on the fence about picking it up, or who haven’t gotten it yet, BBCF Special Edition will come with all that DLC that has already been released on the other platforms. Whether Europe will be getting any custom goodies hasn’t been released yet so keep those eyes peeled.

Personally, I am curious as to how 2 Player versus mode will play out with the Switch JoyCons. Playing games like Fire Emblem Heroes definitely weren’t the most comfortable experience I’ve had with a controller. I used to rip on the Nintendo 64 controller of the Switch JoyCons are anything but. Being that they are so small it is a good thing we have the option of the pro controllers. On the flip side it’s great Europe isn’t getting the short end of the stick this time around.


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